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silk road society: club caravan

Silk Road Society: Club Caravan

Sold Out

Thank you for your interest in Club Caravan. Club Caravan tickets are now sold out. We hope to see you at the next event in the near future.


Mr. Winston Bao Lord

Host Committee

Mr. James Alefantis
Mr. Vinoda Basnayake
Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Baucus
Mr. and Mrs. William Brawner
Ms. Elizabeth Bridgforth
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bronczek
Ms. Pamela Brown
Mr. Austin Bryan
Mr. Dana Tai Soon Burgess and
Mr. Jameson Freeman
Mr. Elbridge A. Colby
Count and Countess Renaud de Viel Castel
Ms. Kate Damon
Mr. Xavier F. Equihua
Mr. Todd Fox
Mr. Mark Gillespie
Ms. Eliza Gray
Ms. Kristin Guiter
Mr. France Hoang
Ms. Philippa Hughes
Ms. Mary Anne Huntsman
Ms. Tina C. Jeon
Mr. Matthew Kroenig
Ms. Elizabeth Ladt
Mr. Matt Lauer

Mr. Gregory Lawson
Mr. Aman Malik
Ms. Marissa Mitrovich
Mr. Navroop Mitter
Ms. Margalit Monroe
Mr. Charles R. Nitze
Mr. Paul K. Nitze
Ms. Ceren Ozer
Mr. Adam Ozmer and
Mr. Frankie Lucostic
Ms. Allison Peck
Mr. Omar Popal
Ms. Sarah Reintjes
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Rooney
Mr. Henry Sanders
Ms. Christina Sevilla
Mr. Ryan Sparks
Ms. Katherine Tarbox
Ms. Ryan Triplette
Mr. and Mrs. William Pepper Watkins
Ms. Amanda Williams
Mr. James Woodyard
Ms. Denise Wu
Mr. Craig Young

Club Caravan

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Thursday, November 29, 2012
8:30 pm–12 am
Black tie

Silk Road Society

The Silk Road Society is the premier membership in Washington, D.C., for young professionals (21–40) interested in Asian art. Members receive exclusive access to world-class exhibitions, programs featuring top museum scholars, and social events throughout the year.


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For additional information, contact Jessica Duby at 202.633.0407 or dubyj@si.edu.

The Freer|Sackler is closed for renovation and reinstallation. The popular exhibition Turquoise Mountain: Artists Transforming Afghanistan is still on view in the International Gallery. (Enter through the Ripley Center.) Join us for our reopening celebration on October 14–15, 2017.