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Discover the wealth of information contained in the Freer and Sackler’s publications. These catalogues, journals, manuscripts, and more contain expert insights on a full spectrum of Asian art, culture, and history, as well as on American art and the history of the Galleries themselves.

Thanks to a digitization effort made possible with help from Smithsonian Libraries and the Internet Archive, we can now offer many of our out-of-print publications free of charge to viewers worldwide in a section we call F|S Bookshelf. Flip through these pages online, or download files to your digital library for later reading.

This is also the place to find and purchase our in-print titles and to peruse our online-only research offerings.

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For permission to quote or reprint from Ars Orientalis or the Occasional Papers, contact Zeynep Simavi at simaviz@si.edu.

For permission to quote or reprint from all other publications, contact AsiaPublications@si.edu.

The Freer is closed for renovation and reopening in 2017. The Sackler remains open, with a full lineup of exhibitions and events both in the museum and around DC.