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The Freer and Sackler Galleries maintain research as an integral part of their mission. Research may focus on the permanent collections or be undertaken in preparation for a special exhibition. In addition to studying the objects themselves, researchers' work takes them into the Freer|Sackler Library and Archives, as well as far afield to examine other collections. Their work is generally interdisciplinary, carried out in close collaboration with conservation scientists, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, and other specialists. F|S researchers are involved in dozens of ongoing projects, often with colleagues from institutions around the world. The results of their work can be seen in a variety of formats, including exhibition catalogues, scholarly publications, and online resources. See below to find out more about research projects, researchers, and their recent publications, as well as awards and prizes given by the Freer|Sackler in recognition of distinguished scholarship.

Research Projects | Research Staff & Publications | Awards and Prizes

Research Projects

Freer and Sackler researchers are involved in dozens of ongoing research projects, often with colleagues from institutions around the world.

Curatorial Staff Biographies & Publications

Stephen Allee, Associate Curator for Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
Louise Cort, Curator of Ceramics
Debra Diamond, Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art
Massumeh Farhad, Chief Curator and Curator of Islamic Art
Lee Glazer, Associate Curator of American Art
Carol Huh, Associate Curator of Contemporary Asian Art
Amelia Meyer, Curatorial Assistant for Debra Diamond, Massumeh Farhad, and Lee Glazer
Nancy Micklewright, Interim Head of Public and Scholarly Engagement
Julian Raby, Dame Jillian Sackler Director of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and the Freer Gallery of Art
Takako Sarai, Curatorial Assistant for James Ulak, Louise Cort, and Ann Yonemura
Zeynep Simavi, Program Specialist, Public and Scholarly Engagement
Mary Slusser, Research Associate
Jan Stuart, Curator of Chinese Art
Weina Tray, Curatorial Assistant for the China Program
James Ulak, Senior Curator of Japanese Art
Tom Vick, Curator of Film
J. Keith Wilson, Curator of Ancient Chinese Art
Ann Yonemura, Senior Associate Curator of Japanese Art

For staff publications, please visit Smithsonian Research Online

Awards & Prizes

As renovation work continues in the Freer Gallery, the Sackler Gallery also will close on July 10, 2017. This museum-wide closure will allow us to completely reinstall our exhibitions and revitalize features to improve your visit. Both spaces will reopen on October 14, 2017, when we will welcome the public back to the Freer|Sackler: two galleries, one destination. For your safety, all visitors will have their bags checked. See the complete list of restricted items and bag sizes.