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The Paul Singer Collection, Plaque in the form of addorsed dragons with interlaced dragon decoration, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, RLS1997.48.4508The Paul Singer Collection, Miniature ewer with braided handle, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, RLS1997.48.4508
Plaque in the form of addorsed dragons with interlaced dragon decoration
China, Eastern Zhou dynasty, late Spring and Autumn period or early Warring States Period, 6th—5th century BCE
Bronze with gold foil
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery RLS1997.48.4508
Miniature ewer with braided handle
China, mid- or late Liao dynasty, 11th—early 12th century
Earthenware with green lead glaze
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery RLS1997.48.185

Selections from Our Current Research

The Paul Singer Collection

Curatorial staff members J. Keith Wilson, Daisy Yiyou Wang, and Louise A. Cort are engaged in an extensive research project on the Paul Singer collection. This project will inform the exhibition of the Singer collection—on view January 19—July 7, 2013 at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery—that will introduce Paul Singer as a Chinese art collector, scholar, and detective.

Singer, who died in 1997, bequeathed his collection of some 5,000 works of Chinese art to the Sackler Gallery. He was a collector with diverse and creative interests. For example, he strove to acquire an example of every material that the Chinese used to make artworks. He was fascinated by miniatures. He managed to form an "archaeological" collection at a time when little information on the progress of Chinese archaeology reached the rest of the world.

With its distinctive scope, the Singer collection is a major research resource. Made available to countless scholars since the 1950s, the collection continues to contribute to scholarly training and public understanding of ancient Chinese art and culture. It both supplements the museum's existing holdings and expands opportunities for the study and exhibition of China's cultural heritage.

As the Sackler's first major presentation of objects from the Singer collection, the 2013 exhibition foregrounds Singer's idiosyncratic, even eccentric approach to shaping his collection. It showcases the way his scholarship and his bold and sometimes intuitive selections of little-understood Chinese objects shed new light on Chinese art and archaeology.

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