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Interview of Carol and Kenneth Chiu This story begins many years ago in Taiwan, when Kenneth Chiu and his wife, Carol, were dating. Kenneth and his family paid respects to their ancestors each year with ceremonies and offerings. One year, Carol happened to be visiting Kenneth during one of the ceremony days. She was a Christian and didn't understand the significance of the rituals. Kenneth responded to her questions by asking for her ancestors' names and their land of origin. Then he took some paper "spirit" money, sealed it in an envelope, and burned it as an offering to her ancestors.

The next morning, Carol's mother, who had just arrived from China, began to talk about a strange thing that had just happened to her.

She first told Carol something that she had never mentioned before: ever since the death of her own mother (Carol's grandmother), she had been haunted every year by her ghost. This happened on Qingming jie (Grave Sweeping Day). In the recurring dream, her mother stood before her, looking at her, but never saying a word. She was always wearing the clothes she had been buried in, now worn and tattered, and she was always frowning, seeming sad and unhappy. Every Qingming jie for twenty years, Carol's mother had this dream.

Carol still hadn't spoken a word before her mother continued with her story. The night before, the eve of Qingming jie, the dream had occurred again. The same spirit approached her, but this time her mother was smiling! She had a look of contentment and was richly garbed with glowing, beautiful robes. Carol's mother finished her story with a look of awe on her face. Then Carol fully realized the importance of the paper "spirit" money that Kenneth had burned as an offering to her dead ancestors. Her grandmother, as a spirit, had acquired the money in the offering.

Interview of Carol and Kenneth Chiu, April 2001
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