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Manuscripts painted for the many small Hindu courts in Rajasthan and the Himalayan foothills illustrate a variety of texts that narrate the myths surrounding the Hindu gods, or deal with the theme of romantic love. The artists at these courts, like the sculptors, were only rarely interested in simulating reality. Rather, they employed rhythmic contours and fields of intense color to create fanciful worlds of the imagination. Even when painting portraits of the rajas (kings) and nobility, the artists emphasized composition, pattern, and color over depth and individual appearance.
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The Goddess Worshiped by the Sage Chyavana
The Goddess Worshiped by the Sage Chyavana
India, Punjab Hills, ca. 1660–70
Opaque watercolor, gold, silver, and beetlewing cases on paper
21.3 x 23.1 cm (8 1/2 x 9 in.)
Purchase    F1997.8
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