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Ancient Chinese Jades & Bronzes

Temporarily closed
Freer Gallery of Art

This exhibition is temporarily closed. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

More than one hundred of the Freer's jades and bronzes—among the greatest treasures of Chinese art outside China—return to public view after almost a decade. Featured in these reinstalled galleries are eighty astounding objects illustrating the remarkable jade production of the Liangzhu culture (ca. 3300–2250 BCE) and its influence on other Chinese Neolithic and Bronze Age civilizations. Also highlighted are powerful animal motifs and forms featured on some forty ritual vessels, as well as fittings from the late Shang dynasty (ca. 1300–1050 BCE) and early Western Zhou dynasty (ca. 1050–900 BCE).

The opening of these two galleries constitutes the first phase of the Freer's effort to renovate and reinstall its entire suite of Chinese galleries over the next few years.

Right: Hafted axe with dragons; Bronze, turquoise, and jade (nephrite); F1940.10a-d.
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Please note: The Freer Gallery of Art will be closed to the public from January 2016 until summer 2017. The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Library, and Archives will remain open for the duration of the renovation. Learn more »