Gala Sponsors

With our gratitude

We extend our deep gratitude to the following sponsors of Some Enlightened Evening:


Hilaria and Alec Baldwin
Nancy and Hart Fessenden
James Lintott and May Liang
Susan and Michael Pillsbury
Chandrika and Ranjan Tandon
Cathy Benkaim and Barbara Timmer


Beloved Yoga
Circle Yoga Coop & DC Community Yoga
Robert Rea
Meena and Liaquat Ahamed
Shelly and Scot Fisher
Shannon Fairbanks
Patty and Henry Tang


Jeffrey Cunard
Ashok and Marion Deshmukh
Rama and Arun Deva
Ranjana K. Ghose, Art of Sri Chinmoy
Shirley Jackewicz Johnston
Ashok and Stuti Kaveeshwar
Peter and Elbrun Kimmelman
Cassandra Marcella Metzger, nilambu yoga
Annie Totah
Marie Helene Weill