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Jar with incised and applied decoration
14th-15th century

Ayutthaya period

Unglazed stoneware
H: 38.7 W: 29.2 D: 29.2 cm
Sukhothai or Phitsanulok, Thailand

Purchase--Diana Sinkler Clagett, Ellen Walton, Karol K. Rodriguez, Donna L. Collins, and Museum funds F1995.7

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Thin clay threads pressed onto this unglazed jar produced a style of relief decoration that also appears in other media in the Ayutthaya period, including bronze images of the crowned Buddha, metal vessels, and lacquered court hats. Whereas museums and collectors acknowledge the importance of unglazed stoneware in Japan, the strong tradition of unglazed stoneware in mainland Southeast Asia has been obscured by a focus on glazed and decorated export wares.