The Awesome Asu Rock

Asu Rock has been very influential within the American and Asian pop entertainment scene as a DJ, Illustrator, Promoter, and Manager of Japanese Idol/ columnist, Yunmao Ayakawa and pop rock group UNICORN TABLE whose latest Album, INTO THE FUTURE he executive produced and designed the cover art for. Entering the Asian entertainment scene as an illustrator, Anime store owner and production house partner, Asu has been published twice and has been sought out by many entertainment as well as corporate events for his skills, connections, services and knowledge of music, marketing, and graphic arts.

As an artist and illustrator, Asu has wowed comic and graphic novel enthusiasts for his ground breaking character designs and ability to formulate and design a visual picture of a story or idea. Asu also uses his artistic third eye to design logos, flyers, CD/ Record covers and visually concept stage designs and entertainer images and presentations. As a DJ, Asu had his start in the late Eighties influenced by some of Hip-Hop’s earliest and monumental DJ’s like DJ Red Alert, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, DJ Scratch, and many more who’s influence he continues to implement in nightclub’s, events, show’s and on stage supporting popular Asian and American entertainers. Asu Rock now utilizes his skills on two turntables and a mixer at nightclubs, shows, and events all over the U.S. unafraid to incorporate popular Asian music, into his live mix of Western top 40 and urban hits. Asu has also DJ’d many Asian pop music events and performing on stage with popular Japanese and American acts like Unicorn Table, Yoko Ishida, Shing02, DJ Icewater, Substantial, K-Murdock, Psychic Lover, Project.R, The Villains 21, Chip Han, SNRG, SickBoi, Chidi Phyz, Reni Mimura, and more.

Asu Rock is also known as one of the premier DJ / Promoters that has helped push Asian Pop Culture and music into the U.S. market. Along with managing Japanese Artists, Asu has helped many U.S. events gain access to Asian acts, and put together many innovative Asian Pop Music events. In 2006 Asu created a popular Asian Pop Music concert event called “Akiba Fest” to introduce U.S. audiences to pop singers from Japan via live performances. In 2007 he created one of the first Asian Pop Music radio mix shows and in 2009 took Asian Pop Music to the U.S. night life scene by creating POP SHOW JAPAN, an event platform that promotes monthly Asian Pop Music East-meets-West night club parties and other special events. Popular events under his Pop Show Japan umbrella include, KATANA, a popular East meets West nightclub party, “Peaceland: A world Without Words,” the first official American Nujabes tribute event, and the MORE B.A.R.K LESS BITIN’ TOUR.