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Weigh in on who should win a Sōtatsu: Making Waves prize package! Freer|Sackler staff have selected five finalists, which are featured in a Facebook album. The creator of the fan that receives the most likes will win a gift basket of Sōtatsu-related goodies. (Review the full list of contest rules.)

You can still join the countless artists who have been inspired by Tawaraya Sōtatsu’s work and decorate a fan like those in his Screen with Scattered Fans. Download the template and print out a blank fan—or better yet, head to the exhibition to find one in the galleries! Design it and share a picture of your completed work on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Flowers and Grasses of the Four Seasons
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We are excited to reopen the Freer in October 2017, following a renovation to allow us to better present our art and serve our visitors. The Sackler remains open, with a full lineup of exhibitions and events both in the museum and around DC. For your safety, all visitors will have their bags checked. See the complete list of restricted items and bag sizes.