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The Look of the Book : Manuscript Production in Shiraz, 1303-1452

Elaine Wright, 2013

The Look of the Book assesses the role of the city of Shiraz in Iranian book production between the early fourteenth and mid-fifteenth centuries. It is the first detailed analysis of all aspects of the book—illumination, codicology, illustration, calligraphy, and binding—during this significant era when the look of the book was transformed.

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Recent Volumes

James McNeill Whistler in Context. Essays from the Whistler Centenary Symposium,University of Glasgow, 2003

Edited by Lee Glazer, Margaret F. McDonald, Linda Merrill, and Nigel Thorp. 2008.

Thirteen essays by a distinguished group of international scholars explore Whistler’s aesthetic vision and interpretive communities. Topics include Whistler’s place in the historiography of modernism; his international reach and diverse social arenas; personal correspondence; and contemporary critical writing about the artist and his work.

Pigments in Later Japanese Paintings

Elisabeth West FitzHugh, John Winter, and Marco Leona. 2003.

Presented in this volume are two separate but related studies of the pigments used in Japanese paintings, primarily (but not exclusively) based on examples from the Freer collection. FitzHugh constructs a database of seventeen pigments identified from scientific research carried out over nearly two decades, which involved the analysis of five hundred Japanese ukiyo-e paintings from the Freer. Winter and Leona focus on two specific pigments, indigo and Prussian blue, examining their appearance in 139 paintings.
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