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Department of Conservation and Scientific Research

Exhibits Conservator. Areas of specialty: preventive conservation; object conservation with focus on ethnographic objects

CHASE, Ellen Salzman
Objects Conservator. Area of specialty: conservation of inorganic and organic materials, including an interest in archaeological conservation methods

GIACCAI, Jennifer
Conservation Scientist. Areas of specialty: technical studies of paints, pigments, dyes and their degradation processes; non-invasive methods for characterizing works of art; analysis of resins

GU, Xiangmei
East Asian Painting Conservator. Area of specialty: Chinese paintings

HARE, W. Andrew
Supervisory East Asian Painting Conservator. Areas of specialty: Japanese and Chinese paintings

Paper Conservator. Areas of specialty: American art; photographic materials

JAN, Grace
Assistant Chinese Painting Conservator. Area of specialty: Chinese paintings

Andrew W. Mellon Senior Scientist. Research specialties: technical studies of ceramics and glass; materials characterization

SCHORR, Alison
Project Manager. Project coordination for DCSR

Head. Areas of specialty: Object conservation with focus on ancient metals and lacquer

UEDA, Jiro
East Asian Painting Conservator. Area of specialty: Japanese paintings

About the Department


The conservation staff at the Freer and Sackler Galleries is responsible for the preservation and treatment of artworks in the collection, as well as preparing these objects for exhibition. The Department of Conservation and Scientific Research includes sections devoted to East Asian Paintings, Objects, Paper, and Exhibitions. More info »

Scientific Research

Scientific research at the Freer and Sackler Galleries is primarily focused on the physical nature of artworks from Asian cultures. More info »

Staff Publications

Publication is an integral part of our research program. Click below to view lists of published works by past and present members of the department:


Department staff list

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