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Volume 46: The Performative Agency of Buddhist Art and Architecture in Asia

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Volume 47
New Research on Dress in Asia, Fall 2017

Theme suggestion? Find more information in Contributor Guidelines, and send proposals to Dr. Nancy Micklewright at micklewrightn@si.edu.

Ars Orientalis Back Issues

Thanks to a digitization effort made possible with help from Smithsonian Libraries and the Internet Archive, we can now offer Ars Orientalis volumes 1 to 41, and its predecessor Ars Islamica volumes 1-16 free of charge to viewers worldwide (read about the journal’s history here). Flip through these pages online, or download files to your digital library for later reading. Titles followed by an asterisk (*) are out of stock in their print editions, but available digitally.

Ars Islamica Back Issues

Volume 45

Online Access


Pandukeshwar, Architectural Knowledge, and an Idea of India
Nachiket Chanchani

Following the River Routes and Artistic Transmissions in Medieval Central India
Tamara I. Sears

The Tamil Gopura: From Temple Gateway to Global Icon
Crispin Branfoot

The International Jaina Style?: Māru-Gurjara Temples Under the Solaṅkīs, throughout India and in the Diaspora
Julia A. B. Hegewald

Transnational Asian Architectural History
Response: Nancy S. Steinhardt

Idea and Idiom: Knowledge as Praxis in South Asian and Islamic Architecture
Response: Finbarr B. Flood

On the Task of Identifying New Archives
Response: Nachiket Chanchani

On Geography, Topography, and Travel
Response: Tamara I. Sears

Digital Initiatives (online-only feature)

Museums, Scholarship, and the Digital
Nancy Micklewright

Southeast Asian Art at LACMA: An Online Scholarly Catalogue
Brinda Kumar

Getty Foundation’s Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative of Chinese Painting & Calligraphy at the Seattle Art Museum
Kevin McLoughlin

Volume 44

Online Access


Between Heaven and Hell: Salvation, Damnation, and Memorialization in the Arts of Death
Melia Belli

In Memoriam: Dr. Melanie Michailidis (1966–2013)

Dynastic Politics and the Samanid Mausoleum
Melanie Michailidis

Signs of the Hour: Eschatological Imagery in Islamic Book Arts
Christiane Gruber

An Unusual Group of Hero Stones: Commemorating Self-Sacrifice at Mallam, Andhra Pradesh
Mary Storm

Monumental Pride: Mayawati’s Memorials in Lucknow
Melia Belli

The Political Culture of a Scroll: Jien’s Appropriation of Kitano Tenjin
Ikumi Kaminishi

Claims of Buddhist Relics in the Eastern Han Tomb Murals at Horinger: Issues in the Historiography of the Introduction of Buddhism to China
Minku Kim

The Eternal Link: Grave Goods of the Koryð Kingdom (918–1392 CE)
Charlotte Horlyck

Onward Toward Heaven: Burning the Nok Hatsadiling
Rebecca Hall

Digital Initiatives (online-only feature)

Encounters with Digital Art History
Hussein Keshani

Beautiful Data
Steven Lubar

Digital Art History Boot Camp
Nancy Micklewright

Digital Mapping and Art History
Stephen Whiteman

Volume 43

Online Access

Nancy Micklewright

Ottoman Statecraft and the “Pencil of Nature”: Photography, Painting, and Drawing at the Court of Sultan Abdülaziz
Mary Roberts

Royal Portrait Photography in Iran: Constructions of Masculinity, Representations of Power
Ali Behdad

Photography and Afghan Diplomacy in the Early Twentieth Century
Holly Edwards

Presenting the Self: Pictorial and Photographic Discourses in Nineteenth-century Dutch Indies and Siam
John Clark

The Aesthetics and Politics of Royal Portraiture in Thailand
Maurizio Peleggi

Korean Royal Portraits in the Colonial Archives
Christine Kim

Handle with Care: Shaping the Official Image of the Emperor in Early Meiji Japan
Maki Fukuoka

Prince Chun through the Lens: Negotiating the Photographic Medium in Royal Images
Yi Gu

The Mandarin at Home and Abroad: Picturing Li Hongzhang
Roberta Wue
Lingering between Tradition and Innovation: Photographic Portraits of Empress Dowager Cixi
Ying-chen Peng

The Empress Dowager’s Birthday: The Photographs of Cixi’s Long Life Without End
Claire Roberts

Index of Names

Volume 42

Online Access

Explore complementary digital content on Middle Eastern Cinema.

Explore complementary digital content on the Freer Siege Scene Plate.

Massumeh Farhad and Marianna S. Simpson

Oleg Grabar and the University of Michigan
Margaret Cool Root

The Art of the Object
The Language of Objects in the Islamic World: How We Translate and Interpret It
Lisa Golombek

Objects As Paradigms and Enigmas
A Poetic Vessel from Everyday Life: The Freer Incense Burner
Metzada Gelber

Saracen or Pisan? The Use and Meaning of the Pisa Griffin on the Duomo
Lamia Balafrej

Text and Paintings in the al-Wasiti Maqamat
Bernard O’Kane

Objects as Documents
Between Astrology and Anatomy: Updating Qazwini’s ‘Aja’ib al-makhluqat in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Iran
Karin Rührdanz

Patron and Craftsman of the Freer Mosul Ewer of 1232: A Historical and Legal Interpretation of the Roles of Tilmidh and Ghulam in Islamic Metalwork
Ruba Kana’an

An Artuqid Candlestick from the al-Aqsa Museum: Object as Document
Hana Taragan

Fit for the Court: Ottoman Royal Costumes and Their Tailors, from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century
Bahattin Yaman

Cultures of Collecting
A Mediterraneanist’s Collection: Henri Pharaon’s “Treasure House of Arab Art”
May Farhat

On the Crossroads: Objects from the Islamic World in Habsburg Collections in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
Barbara Carl

The Album of Ahmed I
Emine Fetvacı

Cross-Cultural Connections
The Gulistan of Sa‘di Attributed to Yaqut al-Musta‘şimi and Its Multiple Identities: From the Mongols to the Mughals and Beyond
Nourane Ben Azzouna

Mughal Interventions in the Rampur Jami‘ al-tavarikh
Yael Rice

Bible Illustration in Tenth-Century Iberia: Reconsidering the Role of al-Andalus in the Leon Bible of 960
Krysta L. Black

Close Encounters in the Freer
The Freer Canteen, Reconsidered
Heather Ecker and Teresa Fitzherbert

Event and Memory: The Freer Gallery’s Siege Scene Plate
Renata Holod

A Silver “Stand” with Eagles in the Freer Gallery
Lawrence Nees

Volume 41

Online Access

We are pleased to announce that Ars Orientalis 41 is now available. Starting with former Freer curator Jim Cahill’s Freer Medal presentation, this volume reads like a guided tour of the arts of the East. Authors Kim Besio and Lai-Pik Chan explore Chinese cultural norms and assumptions through artwork, looking to explain ideas of love and insect iconography, respectively. Renowned scholar Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt writes on sixth-century East Asian architecture, looking at religious and funerary art in Japan, China and Korea. Building on the research of Margaret Cool Root (featured in Ars Orientalis 28 and 32), author Jennifer Finn explores issues of kingship in the Achaemenid Empire through a close analysis of inscriptions. Additional articles by Tülün Değirmenci, Leslie Wallace, and Shih-shan Susan Huang round out this issue with thematic focuses on the Ottoman Empire, the Eastern Han, and Song dynasties.

Table of Contents

In Defense of the Visual
Reflections on an Illustrious Career
James Cahill

The Sixth Century in East Asian Architecture
Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt

Betwixt and Between
Depictions of Immortals (Xian) in Eastern Han Tomb Reliefs
Leslie V. Wallace

Women, Authentic Sentiment, Print Culture and the Theme of “Inscribing a Poem on a Red Leaf” in Ming and Qing Literature and Art
Kimberly Besio

Media Transfer and Modular Construction
The Printing of Lotus Sutra Frontispieces in Song China
Shih-shan Susan Huang

Jade Spiders and Praying Mantises of the Western Zhou Period
Reconstructing an Ancient Cultural Mindset
Chan Lai Pik

An Illustrated Mecmua
The Commoner’s Voice and the Iconography of the Court in Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Painting
Tülün Değirmenci

Gods, Kings, Men
Trilingual Inscriptions and Symbolic Visualizations in the Achaemenid Empire
Jennifer Finn

Volume 40

Online Access

From Chinese paintings to Indian caves, Volume 40 of Ars Orientalis takes a wide-ranging look at Asian art history. Four of the issue's eight articles concern painting, investigating the iconography of the sparrow in the art of Tang-Song China (Bo Liu), two different groups of Indian works (Cathleen Cummings and Laura Parodi), and three 17th-century Ottoman manuscripts (Emine Fetvaci). Painted imagery is also the subject of Hsu Wen-Chin's study of the decoration of Chinese porcelain. Robert deCaroli's work examines the function of the visual imagery in the caves of Ajanta and its potential impact on the intended audience. A well-known but poorly understood 17th-century textile, the Marcy-Indjoudjian Cope, has been meticulously studied by Vrej Nersessian. Finally, the Freer Gallery itself is the subject of Ingrid Larsen's study of Charles Lang Freer as a collector of Chinese painting.

Table of Contents

“Don’t Send Ming or Later Pictures”: Charles Lang Freer and the First Major Collection of Chinese Painting in an American Museum
Ingrid Larsen

Illustrations of Romance of the Western Chamber on Chinese Porcelains: Iconography, Style, and Development
Hsu Wen-Chin

Deciphering the Cold Sparrow: Political Criticism in Song Poetry and Painting
Bo Liu

“The Abode of a Nàga King”: Questions of Art, Audience, and Local Deities at the Ajaåæà Caves
Robert DeCaroli

Composition as Narrative: Sāhībdīn’s Paintings for the Ayodhyākaṇḍa of the Jagat Singh Rāmāyaṇa
Cathleen Cummings

The Marcy-Indjoudjian Cope
Vrej Nersessian

Enriched Narratives and Empowered Images in the Books of Ahmed I
Emine Fetvacı

Two Pages from the Late Shah Jahan Album
Laura Parodi

Volume 39

Online Access (vols. 38-39 combined)

Globalizing Cultures: Art and Mobility in the Eighteenth Century

Volume 39, guest-edited by Nebahat Avcıoğlu and Finbarr Barry Flood. Framed by an extensive introductory essay, the volume brings together seven articles addressing various aspects of the movement of cultural forms (dress, landscape, and book illustration, among others) in Europe and Asia during the eighteenth century. Authors include Tülay Artan, Chanchal Dadlani, Elisabeth A. Fraser, Anton Schweizer, Avinoam Shalem, Kristel Smentak, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, and Mercedes Volait.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Globalizing Cultures: Art and Mobility in the Eighteenth Century
Nebahat Avcıoğlu and Finbarr Barry Flood

A Roomful of Mirrors: The Artful Embrace of Mughals and Franks, 1550–1700
Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Looking East: Jean-Etienne Liotard, the Turkish Painter
Kristel Smentek

Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Princesses as Collectors: From Chinese to European Porcelain
Tülay Artan

Translating Visions: A Japanese Lacquer Plaque of the Haram of Mecca in the L. A. Mayer Memorial Museum, Jerusalem
Anton Schweizer and Avinoam Shalem

The “Palais Indiens” Collection of 1774: Representing Mughal Architecture in Late Eighteenth-Century India
Chanchal Dadlani

“Dressing Turks in the French Manner”: Mouradgea d’Ohsson’s Panorama of the Ottoman Empire
Elisabeth A. Fraser

History or Theory? French Antiquarianism, Cairene Architecture, and Enlightenment Thinking
Mercedes Volait

Volume 38

Online Access (vols. 38-39 combined)

Theorizing Cross-Cultural Interaction Among Ancient and Early Medieval Visual Cultures

This groundbreaking volume focuses on critical moments of exchange in the ancient and medieval Mediterranean, Central and Western Asia, and China. Six articles consider a range of sites and media, moving between sweeping analysis of diplomacy, trade, empire, and religion and close study of specific local conditions. Together they help clarify whether and how objects were incorporated into visual cultures. Guest edited by Matthew P. Canepa, the theme of this volume was originally explored in a panel at the 2008 annual meeting of the College Art Association.

Table of Contents

Theorizing Cross-Cultural Interaction Among Ancient and Early Medieval Visual Cultures
Matthew P. Canepa, Guest Editor

Are there hybrid visual cultures? Reflections on the Orientalizing Phenomena in the Mediterranean of the Early First Millennium BCE
Nassos Papalexandrou

Naturalizing the exotic: On the Changing Meanings of Ethnic Dress in Medieval China
Kate A. Lingley

The space between Locating “Culture” in Artistic Exchange
Bonnie Cheng

Distant displays of power: Understanding Cross-Cultural Interaction Among the Elites of Rome, Sasanian Iran, and Sui–Tang China
Matthew P. Canepa

Foreign vesture and nomadic identity on the black sea littoral in the early thirteenth century
Costume from the Chungul Kurgan
Warren T. Woodfin, Yuriy Rassamakin, Renata Holod

Patterns of flight: Middle Byzantine Adoptions of the Chinese Feng Huang Bird
Alicia Walker

Volume 37

Online Access (vols. 36-37 combined)

Current Directions in Yuan Painting revisits the work of Yuan period artists in light of dramatic changes in the field of Chinese art history over the past two decades. Articles by ten distinguished scholars study individual works of art, the historiography of Yuan painting in Chinese intellectual traditions, and recent art history. This volume’s theme grew out of a 2006 conference at the University of Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt

The Yuan "Re+volutionary" Picnic: Feasting on the Fruits of Song (A Historiographic Menu)
Jerome Silbergeld

From The Clear and Distant Landscape of Wuxing to The Humble Hermit of Clouds and Woods
Joseph Chang

Fit for Monks' Quarters: Monasteries as Centers of Aesthetic Activity in the Later Fourteenth Century
Marsha Weidner Haufler

Shifting Paradigms in Yuan Literati Art: The Case of the Li-Guo Tradition
Maxwell K. Hearn

Changing Media: The Transmission of Images in Yuan Painting
Uta Lauer

Fashioning Identities in Yuan-Dynasty Painting: Images of the Men of Culture
David Ake Sensabaugh

Yuan Period Tombs and Their Inscriptions: Changing Identities for the Chinese Afterlife
Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt

The Elegiac Cicada: Problems of Historical Interpretation of Yuan
Eugene Wang

De-centering Yuan Painting
Richard Vinograd

I Don't Believe in the Literati But I Miss Them: A Postscript
Robert E. Harrist, Jr.

Volume 36

Online Access (vols. 36-37 combined)


The "Writing" on the Wall: Images of Resistance and Authority in Maharaja Madhav Rao Scindia I's Wall Paintings in Gwalior
Melia Belli, University of California, Los Angeles

The Buddha's Words at Cave Temples: Inscribed Scriptures in the Design of Wofoyuan
Sonya S. Lee, University of Southern California

Genuine or Forged: Methods of Identifying Forgeries of Chinese Buddhist Sculptures
Chang Qing, The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

Huizong's New Clothes: Desire and Allegory in Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk
Lara C. W. Blanchard, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Visual Experience in Late Ming Suzhou "Honorific" and "Famous Sites" Paintings
Elizabeth Kindall, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota

Travels of the Daihoonji Six Kannon Sculptures
Sherry Fowler, University of Kansas

Review essay: Art history as a theory of art
Bihzad and The Visual Anthropology of Iran

Sharif Shukurov, Moscow University

Book reviews
The Complete Taj Mahal and the Riverfront Gardens of Agra, by Ebba Koch
The Majesty of Mughal Decoration: The Art and Architecture of Islamic India,

by George Michell
Elizabeth Lambourn, De Montfort University & Centre for South East Asian
Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies

The Divine Nature of Power: Chinese Ritual Architecture at the Sacred Site of Jinci,
by Tracy Miller
Ho Puay Peng, Chinese University of Hong Kong

What's the Use of Art? Asian Visual and Material Culture in Context,
edited by Jan Mrázek and Morgan Pitelka
Alice Y. Tseng, Boston University

Volume 35 (2005)

Online Access (vols. 34-35 combined)

Illustrated Books May be Hazardous to Your Health: A New Reading of the Arabic Reception and Rendition of the Materia Medica of Dioscorides
George Saliba, Columbia University, and Linda Komaroff, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Pluralism of Styles in Sixth-Century China: A Reaffirmation of Indian Models
Angela Howard, Rutgers University

Imperial Portraiture as Symbol of Political Legitimacy: A New Study in the "Portraits of Successive Emperors"
Ning Qiang, Connecticut College

Hu Zhengyan: Fashioning Biography
Suzanne E. Wright, The University of Tennessee

The World's a Stage: The Theatricality of Chen Hongshou's Figure Painting
Shi-yee Liu, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Goryeo Buddhist Painting in an Interregional Context
Yukio Lippit, Harvard University

Book Reviews

Representation and Power in the Visual Culture of Japan: Gender and Power in the Japanese Visual Field, edited by Joshua S. Mostow, Norman Bryson, and Maribeth Graybill; The Artist as Professional in Japan, edited by Melinda Takeuchi
Morgan Pitelka, Occidental College

Shahnama: The Visual Language of the Persian Book of Kings, edited by Robert Hillenbrand
David Roxburgh, Harvard University

Elegant Debts: The Social Art of Wen Zhengming, by Craig Clunas
Susan Nelson, Indiana University

Volume 34 (2004)—50th Anniversary Issue

Online Access (vols. 34-35 combined)

Communities and Commodities: Western India and the Indian Ocean (11th–15th Centuries)

This volume is the result of an interdisciplinary workshop by the same name, convened at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (November 7–10, 2002).

Editors' Preface

Introductory Essay, Communities and Commodities: Western India and the Indian Ocean, Eleventh–Fifteenth Centuries
Alka Patel, guest editor, Senior Fellow, American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS)

Topographies of Taste: Indian Textiles and Mediterranean Contexts
Grant Parker, Duke University, Durham

The Beginnings: The Artisan and the Merchant in early Gujarat, Sixth–Eleventh Centuries
Himanshu Prabha Ray, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

Craftspeople, Communities, and Commodities: Medieval Exchanges between Northwestern India and East Africa
Mark Horton, University of Bristol, Bristol

Quseir al-Qadīm in the Thirteenth Century: A Community and Its Textiles
Katherine Strange Burke and Donald Whitcomb, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

Carving and Communities: Marble Carving for Muslim Patrons at Khambhāt and around the Indian Ocean Rim, Late Thirteenth–Mid-Fifteenth Centuries
Elizabeth Lambourn, The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Indian Textiles for Island Taste: Gujarati Cloth in Eastern Indonesia
Ruth Barnes, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University

Luxury Goods and Intellectual History: The Case of Printed and Woven Multicolored Textiles in Medieval India
Phyllis Granoff, Yale University, New Haven

Patterns in Time and Space: Technologies of Transfer and the Cultural Transmission of Mathematical Knowledge across the Indian Ocean
Carol Bier, Textile Museum, Washington, D.C.

Volume 33 (2003)

Online Access (vols. 32-33 combined)

Editor's Preface

Written Ornament—Ornamental Writing: Birdscript of the Early Han Dynasty and the Art of Enchanting
François Louis, The Bard Graduate Center, New York

Auspicious Motifs in Ninth- to Thirteenth-Century Chinese Tombs
Ellen Johnston Laing, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

A Jin Hall at Jingtusi: Architecture in Search of Identity
Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Narrating the Salvation of the Elite: The Jofukuji Paintings of the Ten Kings
Quitman E. Phillips, University of Wisconsin, Madison

The Madurai Nayakas and the Skanda Temple at Tirupparankundram
Crispin Branfoot, De Montfort University, Leicester

Siwa in Java: The Majestic Great God and the Teacher
Alessandra Lopez Y Royo, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Book Reviews
Seals on the Persepolis Fortification Tablets, volume 1, Images of Heroic Encounter, by Mark B. Garrison and Margaret Cool Root
Ronald Wallenfels, New York University

Excavations at Surt (Medinat al-Sultan) Between 1977 and 1981, by Géza Fehérvári, 'Abbas Hamdani, Masoud Shaghlouf, and Hal Bishop, edited by Elizabeth Savage
Scott Redford, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Peerless Images: Persian Painting and Its Sources, by Eleanor Sims, with Boris Marshak and Ernst J. Grube
Massumeh Farhad, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture: South India, Dravidadesa, Later Phase, c. A.D. 1289–1798, 2 volumes, edited by George Mitchell
The Temples in Kumbhariya, by M. A. Dhaky and U. S. Moorti
Adam Hardy, De Montfort University, Leicester

Inventory of Monuments at Pagan, Volumes 1–8, by Pierre Pichard
Donald M. Stadtner

Volume 32 (2002)

Online Access (vols. 32-33 combined)



Preface and Editorial Notes
Margaret Cool Root, Guest Editor

Medes and Persians: The State of Things
Margaret Cool Root, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

An Excavated Ivory from Kerkenes Dag, Turkey: Transcultural Fluidities, Significations of Collective Identity, and the Problem of Median Art
Elspeth R. M. Dusinberre, University of Colorado, Boulder

The "Archers" of Darius: Coinage or Tokens of Royal Esteem?
Cindy L. Nimchuk, Stanford University

Assessing the Damage: Notes on the Life and Demise of the Statue of Darius from Susa
Shahrokh Razmjou, The National Museum of Iran

The Ethnicity Name Game: What Lies behind "Graeco-Persian"?
Jennifer E. Gates, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Notes on the Iranianization of Bes in the Achaemenid Empire
Kamyar Abdi, Dartmouth College

Imperial Legacies, Local Identities: References to Achaemenid Persian Iconography on Crenelated Nabataean Tombs
Björn Anderson, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Persepolis in Retrospect: Histories of Discovery and Archaeological Exploration at the Ruins of Ancient Parseh
Ali Mousavi, University of California, Berkeley

Book Reviews
The Lie Became Great: The Forgery of Ancient Near Eastern Cultures, by Oscar White Muscarella
Kenneth Lapatin, J. Paul Getty Museum

A Bushel of Pearls: Paintingfor Sale in Eighteenth-Century Yangchou, by Ginger Cheng-chi Hsü
Alfreda Murck, Peking University

Shitao: Painting and Modernity in Early Qing China, by Jonathan Hay
Richard Edwards, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Great Mosque of Damascus: Studies on the Makings of an Umayyad Visual Culture, by Finbarr Barry Flood
Alka Patel, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Glass of the Sultans, by Stefano Carboni and David Whitehouse
Jens Kröger, Museum für Islamische Kunst, Berlin

Beauty and Islam: Aesthetics in Islamic Art and Architecture, by Valérie Gonzalez
Cynthia Robinson, Cornell University

Volume 31 (2001)

Online Access


Provenance, Patronage, and Desire: Northern Wei Sculpture from Shaanxi Province
Stanley K. Abe, Duke University

Origins of Daoist Iconography
Liu Yang, Art Gallery of New South Wales

From Textbook to Testimonial: The Emperor's Mirror, An Illustrated Discussion (Di jian tu shuo / Teikan zusetsu) in China and Japan
Julia K. Murray, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Issues of Talent and Training in the Seventeenth-Century Kano Workshop
Karen M. Gerhart, University of Pittsburgh

Ghurid Architecture in the Indus Valley: The Tomb of Shaykh Sadan Shahid
Finbarr B. Flood, New York University

Kannada Kalla Upparige (Stone Palace): Multistoried Entrance Pavilions in Pre- and Early Vijayanagara Architecture
Phillip B. Wagoner, Wesleyan University

The Practices of Painting in Japan, 1475–1500, by Quitman E. Phillips
Elizabeth Lillehoj, DePaul University

Imagining Architects: Creativity in the Religious Monuments of India, by Ajay J. Sinha
Alka Patel, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Taoism and the Arts of China, edited by Stephen Little, with Shawn Eichman
Ning Qiang, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, edited by Paul T. Nicholson and Ian Shaw
Janet Richards, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Volume 30 (2000)*

Online Access

Exhibiting the Middle East: Collections and Perceptions of Islamic Art

Exhibiting the Middle East: Collections and Perceptions of Islamic Art
Linda Komaroff, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Au Bonheur des Amateurs: Collecting and Exhibiting Islamic Art, ca. 1880-1910
David J. Roxburgh, Harvard University

Persian Tiles on European Walls: Collecting Ilkhanid Tiles in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Tomoko Masuya, Tokyo University

Islamic Arts in the Ottoman Imperial Museum, 1889-1923
Wendy M. K. Shaw, Ohio Sate University, Columbus

Collecting the "Orient" at the Met: Early Tastemakers in America
Marilyn Jenkins-Madina, Metropolitan Museum of Art

"A Gallant Era": Henry Walters, Islamic Art, and the Kelekian Connection
Marianna Shreve Simpson, Walters Art Museum

"A Great Symphony of Pure Form": The 1931 International Exhibition of Persian Art and Its Influence
Barry D. Wood, Boston, Massachusetts

Encyclopedic Encounters: A Review Article
Margaret Cool Root, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Porcelain Stories: From China to Europe, by Julie Emerson, Jennifer Chen, and Mimi Gardner Gates
Jan Stuart, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Devi: The Great Goddess: Female Divinity in South Asian Art, edited by Vidya Dehejia
Mary Storm, Mussoorie, Uttar Pradesh, India

Saptamatrka Worship and Sculptures: An Iconological Interpretation of Conflicts and Resolutions in the Storied Bramanical Icons, by Shivaji K. Panikkar
Gary Smith, The J. Paul Getty Trust's Bibliography of the History of Art

*Out of print.

Supplement I (2000)**

Chachaji: Walter M. Spink Felicitation Volume
Stephen Markel, Guest Editor

The Life and Times of Walter Spink
Bonnie Brereton, University of Michigan

Short Chronologies at Arm's Length: Ajanta and Beyond
Sara Weisblat Schastok, University of Chicago

Walter M. Spink: Selected Publications

Colleague at Michigan
Richard Edwards, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

In Praise of Walterji
Frederick M. Asher, University of Minnesota

Homage to a Modern Cave Man
Susan L. Huntington, Ohio State University

The Importance of Questions
Janice Leoshko, University of Texas, Austin

Spink on Wheels
Michael W. Meister, University of Pennsylvania

The Cow-herder Goes to Washington
Donald M. Stadtner, Stadtner & Associates, Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Tulja Leni and Kondivte Caitya-grhas: A Structural Analysis
Suresh Vasant, Pune, India

The Dharmacakramudra Variant at Ajanta: An Iconological Study
John C. Huntington with Chaya Chandrasekhar, Ohio State University

The Buddhist Caves at Aurangabad: The Impact of the Laity
Pia Brancaccio, Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Eponymous Elephant of Elephanta
Joanna Williams, University of California, Berkeley

The Ramayana Cycle on the Kailasanatha Temple at Ellora
Stephen Markel, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Sharing the Load of the Lord: Crossing the Yamuna
Donald M. Stadtner, Stadtner & Associates, Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Loves of Radha in the Rasikapriya Verses and Paintings
Vishakha N. Desai, Asia Society Galleries, New York

Bikaneri Nazar Paintings Depicting Krsna
Naval Krishna, Fortuna Group of Companies, Lucknow, India

See Krsna Run: Narrative Painting for Mummadi Krsnaraja Wodeyar
Robert J. Del Bontà, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

In the Service of Krsna: Paintings from Nathdwara under Damodar II and Govardhanlal in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
John Listopad, Los Angeles County of Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum's Krsna Govardhana and the Early Phnom Da Style of Cambodian Sculpture
Stanislaw J. Czuma, Cleveland Museum of Art

**No further supplements are planned at this time.

Volume 29 (1999)

Online Access (vols. 28-29 combined)


Tao Yuanming's Sashes: Or, The Gendering of Immortality
Susan E. Nelson, Indiana University

Astronomical Tomb Paintings from Xuanhua: Mandalas?
Tansen Sen, Baruch College, The City University of New York

Emperor Ningzong's Night Banquet
Richard Edwards, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Problems in Reconstructing the Life of Qiu Ying
Ellen Johnston Laing, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Canonicity and Control: The Sociopolitical Underpinnings of Ibn Muqla's Reform
Yasser Tabbaa, Ann Arbor, Michigan

A Sogdian Silver Bowl in the Freer Gallery of Art
Boris I. Marshak, State Hermitage Museum

Bes in the Achaemenid Empire
Kamyar Abdi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Hidden Messages and Meanings: The Case of The Infant Witness Testifies to Yusuf's Innocence
Elizabeth S. Ettinghausen, Princeton Research Forum

Why Ancient Silk Is Still Gold: Issues in Chinese Textile History
Angela Sheng, Ottawa, Ontario

Folk Art Potters of Japan: Beyond an Anthropology of Aesthetics, by Brian Moeran
Kim Brandt, Amherst College

The Lyric Journey: Poetic Painting in China and Japan, by James Cahill
Peter C. Sturman, University of California, Santa Barbara

Arts of Korea, edited by Judith G. Smith
Donald F. McCallum, University of California, Los Angeles

Indian Block-Printed Textiles in Egypt: The Newberry Collection in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, by Ruth Barnes
Jenny Balfour-Paul, Exeter University

The Religious Imagery of Khajuraho, by Devangana Desai
Donald M. Stadtner, Stadtner & Associates, Barrra de Navidad, Mexico

Islamic Inscriptions, by Sheila S. Blair
Writing Signs: The Fatimid Public Text, by Irene A. Bierman
Islamic Ornament, by Eva Baer
Yasser Tabbaa, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Volume 28 (1998)

Online Access (vols. 28-29 combined)

A Special Issue honoring the 75th Anniversary of the Freer Gallery of Art
Margaret A. Lourie for the Editorial Board

Replicating, Inscribing, Giving: Ernst Herzfeld and Artaxerxes' Silver Phiale in the Freer Gallery of Art
Ann C. Gunter, Freer Gallery of Art
Margaret Cool Root, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Very Idea of a Portrait
Vidya Dehejia, Freer Gallery of Art

Love and Marriage in Song China: Tao Yuanming Comes Home
Martin J. Powers, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Some Alternative Sources for Archaistic Elements in the Paintings of Qian Xuan and Zhao Mengfu
James Cahill, University of California, Berkeley

A Recent Freer Acquisition and the Question of Workshop Practices
Richard M. Barnhart, Yale University

Notes and a Reflection on the Freer Shubun Painting
Yoshiaki Shimizu, Princeton University

Discovering Shaykh-Muhammad in the Freer Jami
Marianna Shreve Simpson, Walters Art Gallery

The Shape of the Holy: Early Islamic Jerusalem, by Oleg Grabar
Yasser Tabbaa, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Constructions of Power and Piety in Medieval Aleppo, by Yasser Tabbaa
Scott Redford, Georgetown University

The Art of the Pen: Calligraphy of the 14th to 20th Centuries, by Nabil F. Safwat
David J. Roxburgh, Harvard University

The Early Glyptic of Tell Brak: Cylinder Seals of Third Millennium Syria, by Donald M. Matthews
Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati, California State University, Los Angeles

Flowers Underfoot: Indian Carpets of the Mughal Era, by Daniel S. Walker
Daniel Ehnbom, University of Virginia

In Praise of Prambanan: Dutch Essays on the Loro Jonggrang Temple Complex, edited by Roy E. Jordaan
Mary-Louise Totton, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Angkor Wat: Time, Space and Kingship, by Eleanor Mannikka
Nora A. Taylor, National University of Singapore

Orientalism: Visions of the East in Western Dress, by Richard Martin and Harold Koda
Thelma K. Thomas, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Politics of Reclusion: Painting and Power in Momoyama Japan, by Kendall H. Brown
Quitman Eugene Phillips, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Volume 27 (1997)

Online Access (vols. 25-27 combined)

Form, Content, and Audience: A Common Theme in Painting and Woodblock-printed Books of the Ming Dynasty
Scarlett Jang, Williams College

Notes on the Early Yuan Antique Art Market in Hangzhou
Ankeney Weitz, Denison University

Qiu Ying's Delicate Style
Ellen Johnston Laing, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Honcho Gashi and Painting Programs: Case Studies of Nijo Castle's Ninomaru Palace and Nagoya Castle's Honmaru Palace
Karen M. Gerhart, Northern Arizona University

Imperial Style and Constructed Identity: A "Graeco-Persian" Cylinder Seal from Sardis
Elspeth Rogers McIntosh Dusinberre, University of Colorado, Boulder

Cobalt and Lustre and the Publication of Islamic Ceramics
Robert B. Mason, Royal Ontario Museum

The Topkapi Scroll—Geometry and Ornament in Islamic Architecture, by Gülru Necipoglu
Lisa Golombek, Royal Ontario Museum

The Arts of China to A.D. 900, by William Watson
Susan N. Erickson, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Traders and Raiders on China's Northern Frontier, by Jenny F. So and Emma C. Bunker
Nicola Di Cosmo, Harvard University

Ink Plum: The Making of a Chinese Scholar-Painting Genre, by Maggie Bickford
Chu-Tsing Li, University of Kansas

Byzantine Magic, edited by Henry Maguire
Thelma K. Thomas, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Beyond the Java Sea: Art of Indonesia's Outer Islands, by Paul Michael Taylor and Lorraine V. Aragon
Astri Wright, University of Victoria

Neuassyrische Glyptik des 8.-7. Jh. v. Chr. unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Siegelungen auf Tafeln und Tonverschlüssen, by Suzanne Herbordt
Mark B. Garrison, Trinity University

Volume 26 (1996)

Online Access (vols. 25-27 combined)

The Price Shuten Doji Screens: A Study of Visual Narrative
Quitman Eugene Phillips, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Incarnations of the Blossoming Plum
Ginger Cheng-Chi Hsü, University of California, Riverside

Economic Change in Seventeenth-Century China and Innovations at the Jingdezhen Kilns
Stephen Little, The Art Institute of Chicago

A Note on the Shield-Shaped Ornamental Bosses on the Façade of Bab al-Nasr in Cairo
Avinoam Shalem, University of Edinburgh

The Iconogpraphy of the Visnu Temple at Deogarh and the Visnudharmottarapurana
Alexander Lubotsky, Leiden University

The Nexus of Divine and Earthly Rule: Padmanabhapuram Palace and Traditions of Architecture and Kingship in South Asia
Mary Beth Heston, College of Charleston

Old Masters Repainted: Wu Zhen (1280–1354). Prime Objects and Accretions, by Joan Stanley-Baker
Richard Edwards, University of Michigan

Two Chinese Treatises on Calligraphy, introduced, translated, and annotated by Chang Ch'ung-ho and Hans H. Frankel
Peter C. Sturman, University of California, Santa Barbara

Art and Political Expression in Early China, by Martin J. Powers
John S. Major, New York, New York

Gods, Guardians, and Lovers: Temple Sculptures from North India A.D. 700–1200, edited by Vishakha N. Desai and Darielle Mason
Vidya Dehejia, Freer Gallery of Art

Ajanta: A Brief History and Guide, by Walter Spink
Pia Brancaccio, Swat, Pakistan

Art and Architecture of Islam, 1250–1800, by Sheila S. Blair and Jonathan M. Bloom
Walter B. Denny, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Citadel of Cairo: A New Interpretation of Royal Mamluk Architecture, by Nasser O. Rabbat
Yasser Tabbaa, Amman, Jordan

Die Mamlukische Architektur in Ägypten und Syrien, by Michael Meinecke
Yasser Tabbaa, Amman, Jordan

Arab Social Life in the Middle Ages: An Illustrated Study, by Shirley Guthrie
Sheila Blair, Richmond, New Hampshire

Burmese Crafts: Past and Present, by Sylvia Fraser-Lu
Donald M. Stadtner, London, England

Volume 25 (1995)

Online Access (vols. 25-27 combined)

A Special Issue on Chinese Painting
Richard Edwards
Walter M. Spink, University of Michigan

Louise Yuhas, Occidental College

Notes on Reading Mi Fu's Huashi
Hironobu Kohara, Kyoto, Japan

Back to the Red Cliff: Reflections on the Narrative Mode in Early Literati Landscape Painting
Jerome Silbergeld, University of Washington

Japanese Collectors' Seals on Chinese Paintings during the Muromachi Period, with Particular Reference to the Seal of Zen'a
Sasaki Kozo, Waseda University

Imperial Portraiture in the Song, Yuan, and Ming Periods
Wen C. Fong, Princeton University

Origins and Presences: Notes on the Psychology and Sociality of Shitao's Dreams
Richard Vinograd, Stanford University

Painting, Decolonization, and Cultural Politics in Postwar Taiwan
Jason C. Kuo, University of Maryland, College Park

Fishing in an Autumn River, A Handscroll in the Freer Gallery of Art (Back to the Problem of Li Tang?)
Richard Barnhart, Yale University

New Ways from Old Ways: The Testimony of a Chinese Painting
James O. Caswell, University of British Columbia

Little Hermitage in the Autumn Woods: A Late Ming Painting by Xiang Dexin Misattributed to Tao Fuchu of the Yuan
Shen C. Y. Fu, Taiwan University

Ren Xiong and His Self-Portrait
James Cahill, University of California, Berkeley

Zhu Duan's Winter Landscapes
Eun-Wha Park, Seoul, Korea

Postscript to an Exhibition: A Discovery of a Collaborative Work
James Robinson, Indianapolis Museum of Art

Chinese Paintings in Texas Museum Collections
Alice R. M. Hyland, Trinity University

Volume 24 (1994)

Online Access (vols. 23-24 combined)

Playful Ambiguity and Political Authority in the Large Relief at Mamallapuram
Padma Kaimal, Colgate University

Kings as Gods, Gods as Kings: Temporality and Eternity in the Art of India
Susan L. Huntington, Ohio State University

"Twirling Their Long Sleeves, They Dance Again and Again . . .": Jade Plaque Sleeve Dancers of the Western Han Dynasty
Susan N. Erickson, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Early Tang Imperial Patronage at Longmen
Amy McNair, University of Kansas

Archaeology in Late Qing Dynasty Painting
Chuang Shen, Academia Sinica

The Monumental Pillars of Firuz Shah Tughluq
William Jeffrey McKibben, Columbus, Ohio

The Transformation of Arabic Writing: Part 2, The Public Text
Yasser Tabbaa, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Urartu: A Metalworking Center in the First Millennium B.C.E., edited by Rivka Merhav with contributors
M. B. Garrison, Trinity University

The Mediation of Ornament: The A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1989, by Oleg Grabar
Jane Jakeman, Oxford, England

Oriental Splendour: Islamic Art from German Private Collections, edited by Claus-Peter Haase, Jens Kroger, and Ursula Lienert
Yasser Tabbaa, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Islamic Manuscripts in the New York Public Library, by Barbara Schmitz with contributors
Sheila S. Blair, Richmond, New Hampshire

Architecture of Mughal India, by Catherine B. Asher
Jonathan M. Bloom, Richmond, New Hampshire

Hindu Art, by Richard Blurton
Daniel Ehnbom, University of Virginia

Amaravati: Buddhist Sculpture from the Great Stupa, by Robert Knox
Daniel Ehnbom, University of Virginia

Lahore: Illustrated Views of the 19th Century, by F. S. Aijazuddin
Stephen Markel, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Forms of the Goddess Lajja Gauri in Indian Art, by Carol Radcliffe Bolon
Michael D. Willis, The British Museum

The Frescoes of the Dura Synagogue and Christian Art, by Kurt Weitzmann and Herbert L. Kessler
Leila Avrin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Depiction and Interpretation: The Influence of the Holocaust on the Visual Arts, by Ziva Amishai-Maisels
Leila Avrin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fascination of Nature: Plants and Insects in Chinese Painting and Ceramics of the Yuan Dynasty (1279–1368), by Roderick Whitfield
Richard Edwards, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Art, Tea, and Industry: Masuda Takashi and the Mitsui Circle, by Christine M. E. Guth
Jonathan M. Reynolds, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ancient Japan, by Richard Pearson and contributors
Gina L. Barnes, St. John's College, Cambridge

Volume 23 (1993)

Online Access (vols. 23-24 combined)

A Special Issue on Pre-Modern Islamic Palaces

An Outline of Shifting Paradigms in the Palatial Architecture of the Pre-Modern Islamic World
Gülru Necipoglu, Harvard University

"Seat of Kingship"/ "A Wonder to Behold": The Palace as Construct in the Ancient Near East
Irene J. Winter, Harvard University

The Sasanian Palaces and Their Influence in Early Islam
Lionel Bier, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Late-Antique Palaces: The Meaning of Urban Context
Slobodan Curcic, Princeton University

Umayyad Palaces Reconsidered
Oleg Grabar, Institute for Advanced Study

Solomon's Throne/Solomon's Bath: Model or Metaphor?
Priscilla P. Soucek, New York University

The Qubbat al-Khadra' and the Iconography of Height in Early Islamic Architecture
Jonathan M. Bloom, Richmond, New Hampshire

An Interpretation of the Palace of the Caliph at Samarra (Dar al-Khilafa or Jawsaq al-Khaqani)
Alastair Northedge, Université de Paris-Sorbonne

Arabic Poetry and Architectural Memory in al-Andalus
D. F. Ruggles, Ithaca College

Circles of Power: Palace, Citadel, and City in Ayyubid Aleppo
Yasser Tabbaa, University of Michigan

Mamluk Throne Halls: Qubba or Iwan?
Nasser Rabbat, Harvard University

Thirteenth-Century Rum Seljuq Palaces and Palace Imagery
Scott Redford, Georgetown University

The Ilkhanid Palace
Sheila S. Blair, Richmond, New Hampshire

From Tents to Pavilions: Royal Mobility and Persian Palace Design
Bernard O'Kane, American University in Cairo

Safavid Palaces
Wolfram Kleiss, Deutches Archäologisches Institut

Sub-Imperial Palaces: Power and Authority in Mughal India
Catherine B. Asher, University of Minnesota

Framing the Gaze in Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Palaces
Gülru Necipoglu, Harvard University

Volume 22 (1992)*

Online Access (vols. 20-22 combined)

Reevaluating the Date of the "Buyid" Silks by Epigraphic and Radiocarbon Analysis
Sheila S. Blair, Jonathan M. Bloom, and Anne E. Wardwell, Richmond, New Hampshire; Richmond, New Hampshire; and Cleveland Museum of Art

The Illustrated Manuscripts of Firdausi's Shahnama Commissioned by Princes of the House of Timur
Eleanor Sims, New York, New York, and London, England

The Eleanor of Aquitaine Vase: Its Origins and History to the Early Twelfth Century
George T. Beech, Western Michigan University

Realm of the Immortals: Paintings Decorating the Jade Hall of the Northern Song
Scarlett Jang, Williams College

The Matter of Value Inside and Out: Aesthetic Categories in Contemporary Hindu Temple Arts
Samuel K. Parker, University of Washington, Tacoma

Aniconism and the Multivalence of Emblems: Another Look
Susan L. Huntington, Ohio State University

Rejoinder to Susan Huntington
Vidya Dehejia, Columbia University

Masterpieces of Japanese Screen Painting: The American Collections, by Miyeko Murase
Melinda Takeuchi, Stanford University

Akten des XIII. Internationalen Kongresses für klassische Archäologie, Berlin 1988
Susan B. Downey, University of California, Los Angeles

Ein Weltwunder der Antike. Persepolis, by Leo Trumpelmann
M. B. Garrison, Trinity University

The Integrative Art of Modern Thailand, by Herbert P. Phillips
Eleanor Mannikka, University of Michigan

Master of the Lotus Garden: The Life and Art of Bada Shanren, by Wang Fangyu, Richard M. Barnhart, and Judith G. Smith, ed.
Richard Vinograd, Stanford University

The Painting of T'ang Yin, by Anne De Coursey Clapp
Richard Edwards, University of Michigan

*Out of print.

Volume 21 (1991)

Online Access (vols. 20-22 combined)

Seals and the Elite at Persepolis: Some Observations on Early Achaemenid Persian Art
M. B. Garrison, Trinity University

A Rock Relief of Fath 'Ali Shah in Shiraz
Judith Lerner, New York, New York

Aniconism and the Multivalence of Emblems
Vidya Dehejia, Columbia University

The Archaeology of Ajanta
Walter M. Spink, University of Michigan

Shaping the Wind: Taste and Tradition in Fifth-Century South China
Audrey Spiro, University of California, Los Angeles

The Transformation of Arabic Writing: Part I, Qur'anic Calligraphy
Yasser Tabbaa, University of Michigan

Japonisme Comes to America: The Japanese Impact on the Graphic Arts 1876–1925, by Julia Meech and Gabriel P. Weisberg; The Japan Idea: Art and Life in Victorian America, by William Hosley
Christine M. E. Guth, Hopewell, New Jersey

Mughal Architecture: An Outline of Its History and Developments, by Ebba Koch
Catherine B. Asher, University of Minnesota

Leaves from the Bodhi Tree: The Art of Pala India (8th–12th Centuries) and Its International Legacy, by Susan L. Huntington and John C. Huntington
Frederick M. Asher, University of Minnesota

Taj Mahal: The Illuminated Tomb: An Anthology of Seventeenth-Century Mughal and European Documentary Sources, by W. E. Begley and Z. A. Desai
Holly Edwards, Williams College

Western Zhou Ritual Bronzes from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections, by Jessica Rawson
Colin Mackenzie, Yale University Art Gallery

Volume 20 (1990)

Online Access (vols. 20-22 combined)

Art and Practice in a Fifth-Century Chinese Buddhist Cave Temple
Stanley K. Abe, San Francisco State University

Cranes above Kaifeng: The Auspicious Image at the Court of Huizong
Peter C. Sturman, University of California, Santa Barbara

The Fish Leaves of the Anwan Album: Bada Shanren's Journeys to a Landscape of the Past
Hui-Shu Lee, Yale University

The Kaliriga Temple Form
Mary F. Linda, University of Pennsylvania

Writing the Word of God: Some Early Qur'an Manuscripts and Their Milieux, Part I
Estelle Whelan, Columbia University

Mamluk and Ilkhanid Bestiaries: Convention and Experiment
Robert Hillenbrand, University of Edinburgh

Illuminated Hebrew Manuscript Facsimiles
Leila Avrin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Contemplating the Ancients: Aesthetic and Social Issues in Early Chinese Portraiture, by Audrey Spiro
Susan Bush, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Recent Studies of Modern Chinese Painting
Jason C. Kuo, University of Maryland, College Park

Persian Drawings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Marie Lukens Swietochowski and Sussan Babaie
Sheila S. Blair, Richmond, New Hampshire

Hindu Temple Art of Orissa, by Thomas E. Donaldson
Walter M. Spink, University of Michigan

Volume 19 (1989)

Online Access (vols. 18-19 combined)

Maurya Figural Sculpture Reconsidered
Frederick Asher and Walter Spink, The University of Minnesota and The University of Michigan

The Laksmana Temple, Khajuraho, and Its Meanings
Hiram W. Woodward, Jr., The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore

The Role of Grand Protector Shi in the Consolidation of the Zhou Conquest
Edward L. Shaughnessy, University of Chicago

Shen Nanpin's Japanese Roots
Hidemi Kondo, The Shoto Museum, Tokyo

On the Gold Jug Inscribed to Abu Mansur Al-Amir Bakhtiyar ibn Mu'izz al-Dawla in the Freer Gallery
Glenn D. Lowry, Freer Gallery of Art

The Iconography and Ritual of Siva at Elephanta, by Charles Dillard Collins
Mary F. Linda, Jersey City, New Jersey

Ajanta Paintings: Identification and Interpretations, by Dieter Schlingloff
Walter Spink, The University of Michigan

Trends in Khmer Art, by Jean Boisselier. Edited by Natasha Eilenberg
Stan J. Czuma, Cleveland Museum of Art

Chugoku kaigashi (A History of Chinese Painting), Part IIb, by Suzuki Kei
Peter C. Sturman, University of California, Santa Barbara

Written and Unwritten: A New History of the Buddhist Caves at Yungang, by James O. Caswell
Harrie A. Vanderstappen, University of Chicago

Chinese Painting Colors: Studies of Their Preparation and Application in Traditional and Modern Times, by Yu Feian. Translated by Jerome Silbergeld and Amy McNair
John Winter, Freer Gallery of Art

A Jeweler's Eye: Islamic Arts of the Book from the Vever Collection, by Glenn D. Lowry with Susan Nemazee
Yasser Tabbaa, The University of Michigan

Volume 18 (1988)

Online Access (vols. 18-19 combined)

The New York Public Library Makhzan al-asrar and Its Importance
Priscilla Soucek, New York University

Fatimid Jewelry, Its Subtypes and Influences
Marilyn Jenkins, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Imperial Architecture along the Mongolian Road to Dadu
Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt, University of Pennsylvania

The Ladies' Classic of Filial Piety and Sung Textual Illustration: Problems of Reconstruction and Artistic Context
Julia K. Murray, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Hsia Wen-yen and His T'u-hui pao-chien (Precious Mirror of Painting)
Deborah Del Gais Muller, John K. Fairbanks Center, Harvard University

The Mystery of the Chang Seal
Chi Chien Wang and Kathleen Yang, New York and Irvington, New York

The Impact of Shugendo on the Painting of Yokoi Kinkoku
Patricia Fister, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas

The Chowrie-Bearing Goddess on the Asvamedha Type of Samudragupta's Coin
Pratapaditya Pal, Los Angles County Museum of Art

Oriental Carpets in the Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin, by Friedrich Spuhler; Woven from the Soul. Spun from the Heart. Textile Arts of Safavid and Qajar Iran, 16th–19th Centuries, edited by Carol Bier
Nancy Micklewright, The University of British Columbia

The Art and Architecture of Islam: 650–1250, by Richard Ettinghausen and Oleg Grabar
Ülkü Bates, Hunter College

Shang Ritual Bronzes in the Arthur M. Sackler Collections, by Robert W. Bagley
Virginia C. Kane, The University of Michigan

Netsuke: The Hull Grundy Collection in the British Museum, by Victor Harris
Hugh Wylie, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

Vaisnavism in Indian Arts and Culture, edited by Ratan Parimoo
Doris Meth Srinivasan, George Washington University

Volume 17 (1987)

Online Access (vols. 15-17 combined)

In Memoriam: Calvin Leonard French
Rand Castile, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Kuniyoshi's Minamoto Raiko and the Earth Spider: Demons and Protest in Late Tokugawa Japan
Melinda Takeuchi, Stanford University

T'ang Line-engraved Stone Reliefs From Shensi
Mary H. Fong, University of California, Davis

Early Ming Painters in Nanking and the Formation of the Wu School
Hou-mei Sung Ishida, Cleveland, Ohio

Medieval Narrative Sculpture and Three Krsna Panels
Donald M. Stadtner, The University of Texas at Austin

Krishna and the Birds
John Stratton Hawley, Columbia University

Speculations on the Theme of Siva as Tripurantaka as it Appears During the Reign of Rajara I In the Tanjore Area ca. A.D. 1000
Gary J. Schwindler, Ohio University

The Remaking of Istanbul: Portrait of an Ottoman City in the Nineteenth Century, by Zeynep Çelik
Nancy Micklewright, The University of Michigan

Books on Islamic Architecture and Archaeology
Terry Allen, The University of Michigan

The Caves at Aurangabad: Early Buddhist Tantric Art in India, by Carmel Berkson
Walter Spink, The University of Michigan

Examination and Identification of the Forging of Ancient Calligraphy and Painting, by Xu Bangda
Thomas Lawton, Freer Gallery of Art

History of Chinese Painting IIa: Southern Song, Liao and Jin, by Suzuki Kei
Joan Stanley-Baker, The University of Melbourne

Volume 16 (1986)

Online Access (vols. 15-17 combined)

Tohaku's Black and Gold
Carolyn Wheelwright, Yale University

The Stirrup and its Effect on Chinese Military History
Albert E. Dien, Stanford University

Ch'ing Dynasty Pictorial Jades and Painting
Ellen Johnston Laing, University of Oregon

A Note on Dunhuang Cave 17, "The Library", or Hong Bian's Reliquary Chamber
John C. Huntington, Ohio State University

A Little-Known Caitya Hall at Junnar
Suresh Vasant, University of Michigan

The School or Oriental and African Studies Anvar-i Suhayli: The Illustration of a de luxe Mughal Manuscript
John Seyller, University of Vermont

A Samanid Tombstone from Nishapur
Paul E. Chevedden, California State University, Northridge

Shinto: Hachiman Imagery and Its Development, by Christine Guth Kanda
Bruce Darling, Tufts University

Surkh Kotal en Bactriane, v. 1, by Daniel Schlumberger et al.
William Trousdale, National Museum of Natural History

The Illustrations of the Maqamat, by Oleg Grabar
Estelle Whelan, Trinity College and The Chester Beatty Library

Persian Lustre Ware, by Oliver Watson
Sheila Blair, Harvard University

Books on Islamic architecture and archaeology
Terry Allen, University of Michigan

Volume 15 (1985)*

Online Access (vols. 15-17 combined)

Ts'ao Hsün and Two Southern Sung History Scrolls
Julia K. Murray, Fogg Art Museum

Portraits of Foreigners by Kawahara Keiga
Michael L. Browne, Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Durga Temple, Aihole, and the Sangamesvara Temple, Kudavelli: A Sculptural Review
Carol Radcliffe Bolan, University of Chicago

Ellora: The "Archaeology" of a Mandala
Geri Hockfield Malandra, St. Paul, Minnesota

Ajanta's Chronology: Solstitial Evidence
Walter M. Spink, The University of Michigan

Byzantine Sources for the Jami' al-tawarikh of Rashid al-Din
Terry Allen, The University of Michigan

The Distant Mountains, by James Cahill
Richard Edwards, The University of Michigan

The Han Dynasty, by Michele Pirazzoli-t'Serstevens
Kenneth J. DeWoskin, The University of Michigan

The Golden Age of Japan, by Rose Hempel
Michael R. Cunningham, Cleveland Museum of Art

Douldour-âqour et Soubachi, by Madeleine Hallade, Simone Gaulier, and Liliane Courtois
William Trousdale, National Museum of Natural History

Tibetan Paintings, by Pratapaditya Pal
Valrae Reynolds, Newark Museum

The "Pala-Sena" Schools of Sculpture, by Susan L. Huntington
Frederick M. Asher, University of Minnesota

Deccani Painting, by Mark Zebrowski
Sheila Canby, Brooklyn Museum

Books on Islamic metalwork, architecture, and archaeology
Terry Allen, The University of Michigan

*Out of print.

Volume 14 (1984)

Online Access (vols. 12-14 combined)

In Memoriam: John Alexander Pope
Henry Trubner, Seattle Art Museum

Pu-tai-Maitreya and a Reintroduction to Hangchou's Fei-lai-feng
Richard Edwards, The University of Michigan

The Monumental "Cosmological Buddha" in the Freer Gallery of Art: Chronology and Style
Angela Falco Howard, Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Reconstruction of the Pictorial Cycle of the Siyar-i Nabi of Murad III
Carol Garrett Fisher, Michigan State University

The Sarre Qazwini: An Early Aq Qoyunlu Manuscript?
Julie Badiee, Western Maryland University

Indra's Heaven: A Dharmacakrastambha Socle in the Bangkok National Museum
Robert L. Brown, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Houghton Shahnameh, by Martin Bernard Dickson and Stuart Cary Welch
Priscilla P. Soucek, New York University

Briefly Noted: Four new works on Islamic art
Terry Allen, The University of Michigan

The Presence of Siva, by Stella Kramrisch
Doris Srinivasan, Fairfax, Virginia

Khmer Ceramics: 9th–14th Century, edited by Diana Stock; Vietnamese Ceramics, edited by Carol M. Young, Marie-France Dupoizat, and Elizabeth W. Lane; and Northern Thai Ceramics, by J. C. Shaw
Hiram W. Woodward, Jr., University of Vermont

The Compelling Image: Nature and Style in Seventeenth Century China, by James Cahill
Ellen Johnston Laing, University of Oregon

Shigaraki, Potters' Valley, by Louise Allison Cort
Paul Berry, The University of Michigan

Volume 13 (1982)

Online Access (vols. 12-14 combined)

Family Properties: Personal Context and Cultural Pattern in Wang Meng's Pien Mountains of 1366
Richard Vinograd, Columbia University

Lu Chih and the Literati Tradition: Paintings in the Style of Ni Tsan
Louise Yuhas, Occidental College

Technical Examination of Two Owl-Shaped Tsun
Lynda A. Zycherman, Technical Laboratory, Freer Gallery of Art

The Production and Patronage of the Haft Aurang by Jami in the Freer Gallery of Art
Marianna Shreve Simpson, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art

The Mughal Painter Daswanth
Milo Cleveland Beach, Williams College

Some Additions to the Known Corpus of Paintings by the Mughal Artist Farrukh Chela
Rekha Morris, University of Chicago

Ekapada Siva Images in Orissan Art
Thomas Donaldson, Cleveland State University

Bithu: Individuality and Idiom
Michael W. Meister, University of Pennsylvania

Die Madrasa des Kalifen al-Mustansir in Baghdad: Eine baugeschichtliche Untersuchung der ersten universalen Rechtshochschule des Islam. Mit einer Abhandlung über den sogenannten Palast in der Zitadelle in Baghdad, by Hansjörg Schmid
Terry Allen, The University of Michigan

Siraff III: The Congregational Mosque and other mosques from the ninth to the twelfth centuries, by David Whitehouse
Terry Allen, The University of Michigan

Kaladarsana: American Studies in the Art of India, edited by Joanna G. Williams
Pramod Chandra, Harvard University

Barabudur: History and Significance of a Buddhist Monument, edited by Luis O. Gómez and Hiram W. Woodward, Jr.
Phyllis Granoff, McMaster University

The Great Bronze Age of China: An Exhibition from the People's Republic of China, edited by Wen Fong
Jessica Rawson, The British Museum

Chugoku kaiga-shi, by Suzuki Kei
James Cahill, University of California, Berkeley

Horyu-ji: sekai saiko no mokuzo kenchiku, by Nishioka Tsunekazu; Architecture in the Shoin Style-Japanese Feudal Residences, by Hashimoto Fumio
William H. Coaldrake, Harvard University

Nabeshima, by Motosuke Imaizumi; Agano and Takatori, by Gen Kozuru; Folk Kilns I, by Hiroshi Mizuo; Folk Kilns II, by Kichiemon Okamura; Kakiemon, by Takeshi Nagatake
Louise Allison Cort, Freer Gallery of Art

Volume 12 (1981)

Online Access (vols. 12-14 combined)

Seasons and Places in Yamato Landscape and Poetry
Yoshiaki Shimizu

The Narrative Structure of a Medieval Iranian Beaker
Marianna Shreve Simpson

An Archaic Bas-Relief and the Chinese Moral Cosmos in the First Century A.D.
Martin J. Powers

Early Paintings of the Goddess in Nepal
Pratapaditya Pal

The Siddhesvara Temple at Palari and the Art of Kosala During the Seventh and Eighth Centuries
Donald M. Stadtner

Tantric Buddhism at Angkor Thom
Hiram W. Woodward, Jr.

Evidence for Two Possible Sasanian Rugs Depicted in Tun-Huang Murals of A.D. 642
Ellen Johnston Laing

Persian Painting: Two Publications—Epic Images and Contemporary History: The Illustrations of the Great Mongol Shahnama, by Oleg Grabar and Sheila Blair; Persian Paintings in the John Rylands Library: A Descriptive Catalogue, by B. W. Robinson
Priscilla P. Soucek

Orissa—Kunst und Kultur in Nordost Indien, by Eberhard Fischer, Sitakant Mahapatra, and Dinanath Pathy
Joanna Williams

The Art of Eastern India, 300–800, by Frederick M. Asher
Susan L. Huntington

Mi Fu and the Classical Tradition of Chinese Calligraphy, by Lothar Ledderose
Marilyn Wong Fu

The Great Painters of China, by Max Loehr
Richard Barnhart

Rimpa Kaiga Zenshu, edited by Yamane Yuzo
Christine Guth Kanda

Volume 11 (1979)

Online Access


Pigments Used in Japanese Paintings from the Protohistoric Period through the 19th Century
Kazuo Yamasaki and Yoshimichi Emoto

The Scroll Painting
Kenzo Toishi

A Pigment Census of Japanese Ukiyo-e Paintings in the Freer Gallery of Art
Elisabeth West FitzHugh

Urushi and Conservation: The Use of Japanese Lacquer in the Restoration of Japanese Art
Steven Weintraub, Kanya Tsujimoto, and Sadae Walters

Notes on the Use of Cobalt in Later Chinese Ceramics
James C. Y. Watt

Lead Isotopes in Some Japanese and Chinese Glasses
Robert H. Brill, Kazuo Yamasaki, I. Lynus Barnes, K. J. R. Rosman, and Migdalia Diaz

The Provenance of Early Islamic Lustre Wares
Jay D. Frierman, Frank Asaro, and Helen V. Michel

Decor Replication in Two Late Chou Bronze Chien
Barbara W. Keyser

Techniques of Silversmithing in the Hormizd II Plate
Donald F. Gibbons, Katharine C. Ruhl, and Dorothy G. Shepherd

The Metallurgical Technique of the Silver 'Plate with Figures', Gupta Period
Donald F. Gibbons and Katharine C. Ruhl

Gravimetric and Spectrographic Analysis of Some Ancient Chinese Copper Alloys
Earle R. Caley, In Soon Moon Chang, and Nilufer Paranyi Woods

Non-destructive X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Ancient Bronze Mirrors Excavated in Japan
Masaaki Sawada

Early Chinese Black Mirrors and Pattern-etched Weapons
W. T. Chase and Ursula Martius Franklin

Studies on the Iron Blade of a Shang Dynasty Bronze Yüeh-axe Unearthed at Kao-ch'eng, Hopei, China
Li Chung

The Techniques of the Japanese Tsuba-maker
Elaine I. Savage and Cyril Stanley Smith

Volume 10 (1975)

Online Access

Max Loehr at Seventy
James Cahill

The Context of Rajput Painting
Milo Cleveland Beach

Thunder Monsters, Auspicious Animals, and Floral Ornament in Early Sixth-Century China
Susan Bush

The "Thousand-Buddha" Patterin in Caves XIX and XVI at Yün-kang
James O. Caswell

Jade Demonic Images from Early China
Doris J. Dohrenwend

The Yen Family and the Influence of Li T'ang
Richard Edwards

A Re-examination of An-yang Archaeology
Virginia C. Kane

A Group of Early Western Chou Period Bronze Vessels
Thomas Lawton

Chieh-hua: Ruled-line Painting in China
Robert J. Maeda

Ajanta's Chronology; The Crucial Cave
Walter M. Spink

Sarnath Gupta Steles of the Buddha's Life
Joanna Williams

Rutherford John Gettens

Volume 9 (1973)

Online Access

On Some Categories of Archaism in Chinese Bronze
William Watson

Ming Blue-and-White Bowls of Lien-Tzu Type
Kamer Aga-Oglu

Shussan Shaka in Sung and Yüan Painting
Helmut Brinker

Two Chinese Carved Lacquer Boxes of the Fifteenth Century in the Freer Gallery of Art
Harry M. Garner

Fan Paintings Attributed to Sotatsu: Their Themes and Prototypes
Miyeko Murase

Examination of Art Objects in the Freer Gallery Laboratory
W. T. Chase

The Yüan-Ming Transformation in the Blue and Red Decorated Porcelains of China
Margaret Medley

Ottoman Miniature Painting under Sultan Mehmed II
Esin Atil

Sung and Yüan Monochrome Lacquers in the Freer Gallery
Hin-Cheung Lovell

Theme and Variations: A Winter Landscape in the Freer Gallery and Related Versions
Max Loehr

The Freer Canteen
Laura T. Schneider

Volume 8 (1970)

Online Access

Medieval Ceramic Oil Lamps from Fustat
Wladyslaw B. Kubiak

Four Istanbul Albums and some Fragments from Fourteenth-Century Shah-Namehs
Nurhan Atasoy

A Sixteenth-Century Architectural Plan of Istanbul
Walter B. Denny

Three Seasons of Excavations at Qasr al-Hayr Sharqi
Oleg Grabar

Tell Abu Sarifa, A Sassanian-Islamic Ceramic Sequence from South Central Iraq
Robert McC. Adams

On Some Miniatures Attributed to Bihzad from Leningrad Collections
Olympiade Galerkina

The "Elephant Wall" of the Ruvanveli Dagoba in Anuradhapura
Diran K. Dohanian

On a Disputed Element in the Iconography of Early Mahisasuramardini Images
J. C. Harle

Chronology and Development of the Chalukya Cave Temples
Gary Tarr

An Unfinished Chaitya Hall: Junnar, Manmodi 39
Joanna Williams

Notes on Five Paintings from a Ch'ing Dynasty Collection
Thomas Lawton

Wang Hui's "Dwelling in the Fu-Ch'un Mountains": A Classical Theme, Its Origins and Variations
Hin-Cheung Lovell

The Chao Ta-nien Tradition
Robert J. Maeda

The Pearl Roundel in Chinese Textile Design
Michael W. Meister

Volume 7 (1968)

Online Access

Ancillary Dating Materials from Fustat
George T. Scanlon

An Ottoman Building Complex of the Sixteenth Century: the Sokollu Mosque and its Dependencies in Istanbul
Dogan Kuban

Al Khadr and Christian Icons
D. R. Howell

Archaeological Reconnaissance and Soundings in Jundi Shahpur
Robert McC. Adams and Donald P. Hansen

Jundi Shahpur: A Preliminary Historical Sketch (Appendix)
Nabia Abbott

The Technical Examination of Two Sasanian Silver Plates
W. T. Chase

The Bronze Qalamdan (Pen-case) 542/1148 from the Hermitage Collection (1936–1965)
L. T. Giuzalian

Dionysiac Aspects of Kushan Art
Martha L. Carter

New Inscriptions from Ajanta
M. K. Dhavalikar

Ajanta's Chronology: The Problem of Cave Eleven
Walter Spink

Ue Gukei—Fourteenth-Century Inkpainter
Richard Edwards

A Correction
James Cahill

Volume 6 (1966)

Online Access

The Earliest Islamic Commemorative Structures, Notes and Documents
Oleg Grabar

Le Palais de Ziri à Achîr (Dixième Siècle J.C.)
L. Golvin

Pottery and Tiles on Mount Athos
John Carswell

Un Tissu Persan du Douzième Siècle au Musée du Louvre
Jean David-Weill

Plaited Kufic on Samanid Epigraphic Pottery
Lisa Volov

Ajanta and Ghatotkacha: A Preliminary Analysis
Walter Spink

Yaksha and Yakshi Images from Vidisa
Pramod Chandra

Diaper Backgrounds on Chinese Carved Lacquer
Sir Harry Garner

Yüan Chiang and His School, Part II
James Cahill

Studies in Japanese Portraiture: The Statue of Vimalakirti at Hokke-ji
John M. Rosenfield

Ch'en Hsien, Painter of Lohans
Aschwin Lippe

Fouilles de Mundigak, par Jean-Marie Casal
William Trousdale

Chinese and Indian Architecture, by Nelson I. Wu
Walter Spink

Chinese Calligraphy and Painting in the Collection of John M. Crawford, edited by Laurence Sickman
Michael Sullivan

Chinese Painting in Hawaii, by Gustav Ecke
Benjamin Rowland

Robert Treat Paine (1900–1965)
Richard Edwards

Volume 5 (1963)*

Online Access

Archibald G. Wenley, An Appreciation
John A. Pope

Achaemenid and Sassanian Cut Glass
Axel Von Saldern

The Umayyad Palace at 'Anjar
Maurice Chehab

Recherches sur la Mosquée al-Aqsa et ses Mosaïques
Henri Stern

Tulunidische Lüsterfayence
Rudolph Schnyder

Some Thoughts on the Problems of Early Oriental Carpets
Agnes Geijer

Three Miniatures from Fustat in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
Ernst J. Grube

A Newly Discovered Illustrated Manuscript of the Maqamat of Hariri
Oleg Grabar

Les Bois de l'Ancien Cénotaphe de Khalid ibn al-Walid à Hims
Abu-l-Faradj al-'Ush

Two Miniatures from the Collections of Topkapi
Emel Esin

Some Miniatures of the Jami'al-Tavarikh in Istanbul, Topkapi Museum, Hazine Library No. 1654
Güner Inal

'Ishrat-Khaneh and Ak-Saray, Two Timurid Mausoleums in Samarkand
G. A. Pugachenkova

Neue Arbeiten zur Türkischen Keramik
Kurt Erdmann

Mughal and Deccani Miniature Paintings from a Private Collection
Stuart C. Welch

Indo-Islamic Figural Sculpture
Hermann Goetz

A Study on Hsü Wei
Yu-Ho Tseng

Ch'en Hsien, Painter of Lohans
Aschwin Lippe

Yüan Chiang and His School
James Cahill

The Masanobu Tradition of Courtesans of the Three Cities
Robert T. Paine

The Term Ming-ch'i
Derk Bodde

Neuere Untersuchungen zur Frage der Kairener Teppiche
Kurt Erdmann

L'Archéologie de l'Iran Ancien, by L. Vanden Berghe
Oleg Grabar

Paradisus Terrestris in Acta Societatis Fennicae, Nova Series C.I, No. I, by Lars-Ivar Ringbom
Oleg Grabar

La Grande Mosquée de Sfax, by George Marçais and Lucien Golvin
S. M. Stern

Bundi Painting, by Pramod Chandra
Stuart Cary Welch

The Arts of Thailand, A Handbook of the Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting of Thailand (Siam), and a Catalogue of the Exhibition in the United States in 1960–62. Edited by Theodore Bowie
John Rosenfield

Archaeology in China, Vol. I, Prehistoric China, by Cheng Te-k'un
Max Loehr

Archaeology in China, Vol. 2, Shang China, by Cheng Te-k'un
William Trousdale

Archaeology in China, by William Watson
William Trousdale

Treasures of Asia: Chinese Painting, by James F. Cahill
Benjamin Rowland

Einführing in die Kunst Ostasiens, by Dietrich Seckel
Harrie Vanderstappen

Buddhist Cave Paintings at Tun-huang, by Basil Gray
Ludwig Bachhofer

Descriptive Catalogue. Chinese Sculptures in the von der Heydt Collection, by Oswald Sirén
Ludwig Bachhofer

Chinese Pictorial Art as Viewed by the Connoisseur, by R.H. van Gulik
Ludwig Bachhofer

The Westerners Among the Figurines of the T'ang Dynasty of China, by Jane Gaston-Mahler
William Samolin

Illustrated Catalogue of Ch'ing Enamelled Wares in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, by Lady David (Sheila David)
Kamer Aga-Oglu

Games of the Orient: Korea, China, Japan, by Stewart Culin
Schuyler Cammann

Chinese Snuff Bottles: the Adventures and Studies of a Collector, by Lilla S. Perry
Schuyler Cammann

Netsuké, by E. M. Jonas
Schuyler Cammann

James Marshall Plumer
Harold P. Stern

Bibliography of the Writings of James Marshall Plumer
Bertha M. Usilton

The James Marshall Plumer Collection of Oriental Art
Walter Spink

Leopoldo Torres Balbás
Henri Terrasse

*Out of print.

Volume 4 (1961)*

Online Access

The Staff of the Scribes and Implements of the Discerning: An Excerpt
Gulnar K. Bosch

Significant Uses of Arabic Writing
Franz Rosenthal

The Iconography of a Kashan Luster Plate
Grace D. Guest and Richard Ettinghausen

Neuere Untersuchungen zur Frage der Kairener Teppiche
Kurt Erdmann

Zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der osmanischen Moschee
Günter Martiny

Die Keramik von Paterna und die Hispano-Mauresken Fayencen des vierzehnten Jahrhunderts. With an introduction by Marçal Olivar
Rudolph Schnyder

Further Notes on the Staircase Minaret
J. Schacht

Un vieux poème romanesque Persan: Récit de Warqah et Gulshah
Ahmed Ates

Targhyn—the Hero, Aq-Zhunus—the Beautiful, and Peter's Siberian Gold
John F. Haskins

Some Aspects of the Animal Deity: Luristan, Tibet, and Italy
Bernard Goldman

Die Ausgrabungen in Nalanda und die Baukunst des späten Buddhismus in Indien
Heinrich Gerhard Franz

Some Tibetan T'ankas at Oxford
Herbert J. Stooke

Chinese Paintings with Sung Dated Inscriptions
Max Loehr

Architectural Landscapes Attributed to Chao Po-chü
William Trousdale

A Study of the Masterpiece "T'ang Ming-huang's Journey to Shu"
Li Lin-ts'an

The Shitennoji Albums of Painted Fans
Kenji Toda

Netsuke Carvers of the Iwami School
Anne Hull Grundy

The Turbeh of Gumaç Hatun, a Seljuk Monument
S. Kemal Yetkin

Two Pieces of Islamic Metalwork at the University of Michigan
Oleg Grabar

An Early Ragamala Series
Anand Krishna

"The Six Laws and How to Read Them"
James F. Cahill

Postscript to a Yüan Artist's Diary
R. C. Rudolph

A Short Account of Early Muslim Architecture, by K. A. C. Creswell
Donald N. Wilber

The Chester Beatty Library: A Catalogue of the Turkish Manuscripts and Miniatures, by V. Minorsky
Richard Ettinghausen

The Chester Beatty Library: A Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts and Miniatures, Vol. I, MSS. I0I–I05, by A. J. Arberry, M. Minovi, and E. Blochet
Richard Ettinghausen

The Nala-Damayanti Drawings, by Alvan Clark Eastman
Richard Ettinghausen

Indian Painting: Fifteen Color Plates, by W. G. Archer
Richard Ettinghausen

Later Islamic Pottery, by Arthur Lane
Gerlad Reitlinger

Céramiques de Bactres, par J.-C. Gardin
Arthur Lane

Nouvelles Recherches Archéologiques à Marrakech, par Jacques Meunié et Henri Terrasse
Ernst Kühnel

Painting of the Deccan, XVI–XVII Century, by Douglas Barrett
Stuart C. Welch, Jr.

Index Islamicus, 1906–1955, by J. D. Pearson
Oleg Grabar

Rivers in the Desert, a History of the Negev, by Nelson Glueck
Oleg Grabar

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Persian Paintings in the Bodleian Library, by B.W. Robinson
Oleg Grabar

Le Minaret de Djam, par A. Maricq et G. Wiet
Oleg Grabar

Aus der Welt der islamischen Kunst, Festschrift für Ernst Kühnel zum 75. Geburtstag. Herausgegeben von Richard Ettinghausen
Oleg Grabar

The Muslim Architecture of Egypt. Vol. I: Ikshids and Fatimids; Vol. II: Ayyubids and Early Bahrite Mamluks, by K. A. C. Creswell
Oleg Grabar

History of Egypt, 1382–1469 A.D., and Egypt and Syria under the Circassian Sultans, 1382–1468 A.D., translated by William Popper
A. S. Ehrenkreutz

Early Chinese Bronzes in the City Art Museum of St. Louis, by J. Edward Kidder, Jr.
J. LeRoy Davidson

Bronze Culture of Ancient China, by William Charles White
John Alexander Pope

Some T'ang and pre-T'ang Texts on Chinese Painting, edited and translated by W. R. B. Acker
James F. Cahill

Poems by Wang Wei, translated by Chang Yinnan and Lewis C. Walmsley
J. R. Hightower

Dated Buddha Images of Northern Siam, by A. B. Griswold
John Alexander Pope

Alfred Salmony
Gustav Ecke

Leo A. Mayer
D. S. Rice

The Works of Professor L. A. Mayer
H. Z. Hirschberg

*Out of print.

Volume 3 (1959)*

Online Access

An Early Al-Sufi Manuscript in the Bodleian Library in Oxford: A Study in Islamic Constellation Images
Emmy Wellesz

Documents d'Architecture fatîmite d'Occident
Slimane-Mostafa Zbiss

The Umayyad Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
Oleg Grabar

Türkische Grabsteine mit Figurenreliefs aus Kleinasien
Katharina Otto-Dorn

Seraybauten des dreizehnten und vierzehnten Jahrhunderts in Anatolien
Kurt Erdmann

Mnarani of Kilifi: The Mosques and Tombs
James Kirkman

Near Eastern Book Covers and Their Influence on European Bindings: A Report on the Exhibition "History of Bookbinding" at the Baltimore Museum of Art, 1957–58
Richard Ettinghausen

Early Mughal Miniature Paintings from Two Private Collections Shown at the Fogg Art Museum
Stuart C. Welch, Jr.

The Arts of the T'ang Dynasty
Henry Trubner

Japanese Screen Paintings of the Ninth and Tenth Centuries
Kenji Toda

Apropos of Two Paintings Attributed to Mi Yu-Jen
Max Loehr

Kuo Pi, a Yüan Artist: and His Diary
R. C. Rudolph

Datation des Tissus Coptes en Fonction des Mosaïques Meditérranéennes: Précisions Nouvelles
Pierre Du Bourguet

Kurt Erdmann

Further Comments on the Wade Cup
Richard Ettinghausen

Neue islamische Bergkristalle
Kurt Erdmann

The Iconography of Umayyad Coinage. A Catalogue of the Muhammadan Coins in the British Museum, Vols. I and II, by John Walker
George C. Miles

The Ancient Near East in Pictures Relating to the Old Testament, by James B. Pritchard
George E. Medenhall

Islamic Art and Archaeology. A Register of Work Published in the Year 1954, by J. D. Pearson and D. S. Rice
Richard Ettinghausen

Islamic Pottery from the Ninth to the Fourteenth Centuries A.D. (Third to Eighth Centuries A.H.) in the Collection of Sir Eldred Hitchcock
Richard Ettinghausen

Iran. Persian Miniatures. Imperial Library
Richard Ettinghausen

Islamic Architects and Their Works, and Islamic Astrolabists and Their Works, by L. A. Mayer
Oleg Grabar

Philosophie et Jurisprudence Illustrées par les Arabes, par Bishr Farès
Oleg Grabar

Vorderasiatische Knüpfteppiche aus alter Zeit, von Wilhelm von Bode und Ernst Kühnel
Adèle Coulin Weibel

The Existence of Intangible Content in Architectonic Form, by Amos Ih Tiao Chang
Joseph T. A. Lee, and Wenyi Choy

The Tao of Painting: A Study of the Ritual Disposition of Chinese Painting, Vols. I and II, by Mai-mai Sze
James F. Cahill

The Landscape Painting of China and Japan, by Hugo Münsterberg
Aschwin Lippe

Modern Japanese Prints: An Art Reborn, by Oliver Statler
Aschwin Lippe

Chinese Porcelains from the Ardebil Shrine, by John Alexander Pope
Soame Jenyns

China-Trade Porcelain: An Account of Its Historical Background, Manufacture, and Decoration, and a Study of the Helena Woolworth McCann Collection, by John Goldsmith Phillips
Kamer Aga-Oglu

Thirteen Tibetan Tankas, by Edna Bryner
Ferdinand D. Lessing

Streams and Mountains without End. A Northern Sung Handscroll and Its Significance in the History of Early Chinese Painting, by Sherman E. Lee and Wen Fong
Dietrich Seckel

J. V. S. Wilkinson
Douglas Barrett

Bibliography of the Writings of J. V. S. Wilkinson
Richard Ettinghausen

Walter Perceval Yetts
S. Howard Hansford

*Out of print.

Volume 2 (1957)*

Online Access

An Appreciation of Charles Lang Freer (1856–1919)
Katharine Nash Rhoades

Ancient Symbols in Modern Afghanistan
Schuyler Cammann

Sculpture from Arabia Felix: The Earliest Phase
Berta Segall

Achaemenian Chapes
Bernard Goldman

Recent Russian Literature on Newly Found Middle Eastern Metal Vessels
Salomea Fajans

Argenterie d'un Seigneur Sassanide
R. Ghirshman

The Composition of Some Ancient Persian and Other Near Eastern Silver Objects
Rutherford J. Gettens and Claude L. Waring

New Finds of Ancient Glass in North Africa
Ray Winfield Smith

Grabung im Umayyadischen Rusafah
Katharina Otto-Dorn

La Mosquée d'Al-Qarawiyin à Fès et l'Art des Al-moravides
Henri Terrasse

An Unknown Type of Minbar and its Historical Significance
J. Schacht

Takwa—The Mosque of the Pillar
James Kirkman

The Origin and Early Development of Floriated Kufic
Adolf Grohmann

Early Islamic Tombstones from Egypt in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
George C. Miles

Poteries de Bamiyan
J. C. Gardin

The Ottoman Pottery of Isnik
Arthur Lane

Inlaid Brasses from the Workshop of Ahmad al-Dhaki al-Mawsili
D. S. Rice

The "Wade Cup" in the Cleveland Museum of Art, Its Origins and Decorations
Richard Ettinghausen

Abbasid Silks of the Ninth Century
Ernst Kühnel

A Dated Hispano-Islamic Silk
Dorothy G. Shepherd

Prince Baysonghor's Nizami: A Speculation
B. W. Robinson

The Mughal Artist Farrokh Beg
Robert Skelton

Three Illustrated Manuscripts of the Mughal Period
R. H. Pinder-Wilson

An Indian Manuscript of the Golestan of the Shah Jahan Period
J. V. S. Wilkinson

The First Golden Age of Udaipur: Rajput Art in Mewar during the Period of Mughal Supremacy
H. Goetz

The Stratigraphy of Hsiao-T'un (Anyang). With a Chapter on Hsiao-T'un Foundation Burials and Yin Religious Customs
Max Loehr

"A Breath of Spring," by Tsou Fu-Lei
A. G. Wenley

Some Problems in Ming and Ch'ing Landscape Painting
Sherman E. Lee

A Sasanian Silver Medallion of Varhran III
Samuel Eilenberg

Bemerkungen zu Einigen Neueren Arbeitan über die Sasanidische Numismatik
Kurt Erdmann

Au Sujet des Images des Mois dans l'Art Musulman
H. Stern

The Inscriptions on the "Freer Vase"
A. R. Nykl

Three Signed Specimens of Mamluk Pottery from Alexandria
M. A. Marzouk

A New Volume of the Illustrated Aghani Manuscript
S. M. Stern

An Illustrated Leaf from a Lost Mamluk Kalilah wa-Dimnah Manuscript
Sofie Walzer

Bagh-e Fin Near Kashan
Donald N. Wilber

A Radiocarbon Dating of a Yünnanese Image of Avalokitesvara
A. G. Wenley

Bibliography of the Writing of K. A. C. Creswell
Richard Ettinghausen

The Publications of Mikhail Mikhailovich D'iakonov
Salomea Fajans

Bibliographie der Islamischen Einbandkunst, 1871 bis 1956
Emil Gratzl, K. A. C. Creswell und Richard Ettinghausen

El Arte Árabe Español Hasta los Almohades. Arte Mozárbe, por Manuel Gómez-Moreno
Ernst Kühnel

Arte Almohade—Arte Nazarí—Arte Mudejar, por Leopoldo Torres Balbás
Ernst Kühnel

Some Principal Muslim Religious Buildings in Israel, by L. A. Mayer and J. Pinkerfield
H. W. Glidden

Istanbul. Petit Guide à Travers les Monuments Byzantins et Turcs, par Semavi Eyice
Kurt Erdmann

The Mosques of Egypt from 21 H. (641) to 1365 H. (1946)
Richard Ettinghausen

Pamiatniki Architektury XI veka v Turkmenii (Monuments of Architecture of the XIth Century in Turkmenia), by A. M. Pribytkova
Oleg Grabar

Epigrafika Vostoka (Oriental Epigraphy), vols. I to VIII, ed. by V. A. Krachkovskaia
Oleg Grabar

Inscriptions de Tunis et de sa Banlieue, par Slimane-Mostafa Zbiss
H. W. Glidden

Majallat Ma'had al-Makhtutat al-'Arabiyah, vol. I, fasc. I
H. W. Glidden

The Unique Ibn al-Bawwab Manuscript in the Chester Beatty Library, by D. S. Rice
Ernst Kühnel

Le Livre de la Thériaque, par Bishr Farès
Carl Johan Lamm

Fatih Albumuna Bir Bakis, Sur l'Album du Conquérant, par M. S. Ipsiroglu et S. Eyüboglu
Richard Ettinghausen

Sanaye'-e Iran, Zoruf-e Safalin (Les Arts de l'Iran, La Céramique), par Mahdi Bahrami
J. C. Gardin

Arazzi e Tappeti Antichi, von Mercedes Viale und Vittorio Viale
Kurt Erdmann

"Aufbau der Münzpräng," von Robert Göbl. Chap. 2 in Ein Asiatischer Staat, Feudalismus unter den Sasaniden und Ihren Nachbarn, vol. I, by F. Altheim and Ruth Stiehl
George C. Miles

Les Monnayages Pehlevi-Arabes, par André Guillou
George C. Miles

Jews and Arabs, Their Contacts through the Ages, by S. D. Goitein
Richard Ettinghausen

The Art of Asia, by Tibor Horváth
Aschwin Lippe

Arte Cinese (Chinese Art), Città di Venezia, Settimo Centenario di Marco Polo, Catalogo
Aschwin Lippe

A Glossary of Chinese Art and Archaeology, by S. Howard Hansford
John A. Pope

Kuo Jo-hsü's Experiences in Painting (T'u-hua chien-wen chih), translated and annotated by Alexander Coburn Soper
Max Loehr

Fourteenth-Century Blue-and-White, by John A. Pope
Gerald Reitlinger

Archaic Chinese Jades from the Edward and Louise B. Sonnenschein Collection, by Alfred Salmony
Max Loehr

Woollen Textiles of the Lou-lan People and Investigation of Silk from Edsen-gol and Lop-nor, by Vivi Sylwan
Dorothy G. Shepherd

Oriental Textiles in Sweden, by Agnes Geijer
Dorothy G. Shepherd

China's Dragon Robes, by Schuyler Cammann
Jane Gaston Mahler

Album of Japanese Sculpture, ed. by Seiroku Noma
James Marshall Plumer

Mehdi Bahrami (1905–51)
Ernst Kühnel

Bibliography of the Writings of Mehdi Bahrami
Richard Ettinghausen

Ugo Monneret de Villard (1881–1954)
Ernst Kühnel

Bibliography of the Writings of Ugo Monneret de Villard
Giorgio Levi Della Vida

Langdon Warner (1881–1955)
James Marshall Plumer

*Out of print.

Volume 1 (1954)*

Online Access

The Seasons and the Labors of the Months in Islamic Art
D. S. Rice

Early Islamic Bookbindings and Their Coptic Relations
Theodore C. Petersen

An Unknown Fragment of the "Jami' al-tawarikh" in the Asiatic Society of Bengal
Basil Gray

Türkische Miniaturmalerei am Hofe Mehmet des Eroberers in Istanbul
Oktay Aslanapa

The Chinese Elements in the Istanbul Miniatures
Max Loehr

Some Paintings in Four Istanbul Albums
Richard Ettinghausen

Origin and Date of Three Famous Shah-Nameh Illustrations
B. W. Robinson

The Early Rajput Murals of Bairat (ca. A.D. 1587)
H. Goetz

Quelques oeuvres sculptées en bois, os et ivoire de style omeyyade
H. Stern

Notes on the Lusterware of Spain
Richard Ettinghausen

Sedrata. Un chapitre nouveau de l'histoire de l'art Musulman. Campagnes de 1951 et 1952
Marguerite van Berchem

Travaux de la Mission archéologique française de Susiane
Roman Ghirshman

Excavation of a Ming Tomb in Sining
Richard C. Rudolph

The Painting of the Six Kings at Qusayr 'Amrah
Oleg Grabar

The Samarra Mint
George C. Miles

The Inscription of the Boston "Baghdad" Silk—A Note on Method in Epigraphy
Florence E. Day

Bibliography of the Writings of Ernst Kühnel
Kurt Erdmann

The Publications of Jean Sauvaget
Richard Ettinghausen

Pasargad, or The Oldest Capital of the Empire of Iran (in Persian), by 'Ali Sami
Donald N. Wilber

Antioch-on-the-Orontes, Vol. I, Part 2, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Crusaders' Coins, by Dorothy B. Waage
George C. Miles

Archaeologica Orientalis. In Memorian Ernst Herzfeld, ed. by George C. Miles
D. S. Rice

Rapport préliminaire I. Cinq campagnes de fouilles à Suse (1946–1951), par Roman Ghirshman
Richard Ettinghausen

Recent Publications on Islamic Ceramics
Ernst Kühnel

Mamluk Costume, by L. A. Mayer
Florence E. Day

Two Thousand Years of Textiles. The Figured Textiles of Europe and the Near East, by Adèle Coulin Weibel
Florence E. Day

Le Baptistère de St. Louis, by D. S. Rice
Richard Ettinghausen

A Selected and Annotated Bibliography of Books and Periodicals in Western Languages Dealing with the Near and Middle East, ed. by Richard Ettinghausen
H. W. Glidden

Sammlung Lochow, Chinesische Bronzen, by Gustav Ecke (1943), and H. J. von Lochow (1944)
Max Loehr

Early Chinese Coinage, by Wang Yü-chüan
A. G. Wenley

A Catalogue of the Chinese Bronzes in the Alfred F. Pillsbury Collection, by Bernhard Karlgren
Florance Waterbury

Jean Sauvaget (1901–1950)
Florence E. Day

Otto Kümmel
Aschwin Lippe

*Out of print.

Volume 15-16 (1951)

Online Access

  • Editorial: Ars IslamicaArs Orientalis
  • L’origine de la madrasa, de la mosque et du caravansérail à quatre īwāns
    André Godard
  • Unglazed Relief Pottery from Northern Mesopotamia
    Gerald Reitlinger
  • Documents relatifs à quelques techniques iraqiennes au début du onzième siècle
    Claude Cahen
  • Material for a History of Islamic Textiles up to the Mongol Conquest
    R.B. Serjeant
  • Die Entwicklung der sasanidischen Krone
    Kurt Erdmann
  • Note on the Philosophy of Persian Art
    Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
  • Une Représentation de la citadelle seljoukide de Merv
    Jean Sauvaget
  • Some Persian Drawings in the Johnson Albums at the India Office, London
    J.V.S. Wilkinson
  • Memorandum on the Corpus of Islamic Metalwork
    Mehmet Aga-Oglu
  • A Fragment of and Early Carpet in Stockholm
    Carl Johan Lamm
  • Encore une “formule banale”
    Jean David-Weill
  • A Lacquer-Painted Canteen
    Wolfgang Born
  • A Sasanian Vessel from Kungur
    O.N. Bader
  • The Islamic Department of the Berlin Museum
    Ernst Kühnel
  • Islamic Art at the Indian Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, November 1947 to February 1948
    Basil Gray
  • Bibliography of Contributions on Islamic Art Published in Germany and Austria during the War Years, 1939-1945
    D.S. Rice
  • Literature on Islamic Art Published in Palestine, Iraq, and Egypt during the War Years
    L.A. Mayer
  • Bibliography of Wartime Publications in Scandinavia, 1939-1945
    Carl Johan Lamm
  • Bibliography of Spanish Muslim Art, 1929-1946
    Leopoldo Torres Balbás
  • Bibliographie des publications de l’art islamique parus en Syrie, 1939-1945
    Salahud Din Munajjid
  • A Selective Bibliography of American Publications on Islamic, Parthian, Sasanian, and Coptic Art Published from 1939-1945
    Helmut von Erffa
  • In Memoriam: Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy
    Benjamin Rowland, Jr.
  • In Memoriam: Ernst Herzfeld
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • In Memoriam: Mehmet Aga-Oglu
    Adèle Coulin Weibel

Volume 13-14 (1948)

Online Access

  • Die Islamische Kunst als Problem
    Josef Strzygowski
  • Abū Haiyān al-Tawhīdī on Penmanship
    Franz Rosenthal
  • Tessons de Rakka
    J. Sauvaget
  • Le Rôle de l’Iran dans les textiles d’Antinoé
    R. Pfister
  • Material for a History of Islamic Textiles up to the Mongol Conquest
    R.B. Serjeant
  • Damascus: Studies in Architecture – IV
    Ernst Herzfeld
  • Recent Excavations at Khwarazm
    Henry Field and Eugene Prostov
  • Une Signature de potier person sur un tesson d’al-Fustāt
    J. Sauvaget
  • L’Archéologie musulmane en France de 1939 à 1945
    J. Sauvaget
  • Literature on Islamic Art Published in England During the War
    Leigh Ashton
  • Indian Studies in Islamic Art Published in England During the War
    H. and A. Goetz
  • Publications on Turkish and Islamic Arts in Turkey, 1939-1945
    Tahsin Öz
  • In Memoriam: Paul Pelliot

Volume 11-12 (1946)

Online Access

  • Die Islamische Kunst als Problem
    Josef Strzygowski
  • Damascus: Studies in Architecture – III
    Ernst Herzfeld
  • Notes sur l’architecture des chateaux omeyyades
    Henri Stern
  • Material for a History of Islamic Textiles up to the Mongol Conquest
    R.B. Serjeant
  • Timurid Carpets
    Amy Briggs
  • The Lawfulness of Painting in Early Islam
    K.A.C. Creswell
  • Arabic Inscriptions in Portugal
    A.R. Nykl
  • A Tombstone of the Timurid Period in the Gardner Museum of Boston
    Helmut Von Erffa
  • The Kasr Kharāna Inscription of 92 H. (710 A.D.), a New Reading
    Nabia Abbott
  • A Note on Islamic Enameled Metalwork and Influence in the Latin West
    Hugo Buchthal
  • Egypto-Arabic Textiles in the Montreal Museum
    Nancy Pence Britton
  • Notes on the History of Architecture in Afghanistan
    Richard N. Frye

Volume 10 (1943)

Online Access

  • Saracenic Arms and Armor
    L.A. Mayer
  • Damascus: Studies in Architecture – II
    Ernst Herzfeld
  • Material for a History of Islamic Textiles up to the Mongol Conquest
    R.B. Serjeant
  • The Symbolism of Archery
    Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
  • An Early Copto-Arabic Miniature in Leningrad
    Kurt Weitzmann
  • The Angel with the Ram in Abraham’s Sacrifice: A Parallel in Western and Islamic Art
    Meyer Schapiro
  • Notes on the Miniatures on a Thirteenth-Century Beaker
    Grace Dunham Guest
  • Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s Horoscope
    A.R. Nykl
  • Daghestan Sculptures
    Alfred Salmony
  • The Evolution of Inscriptions on Fatimid Textiles
    Mohammad Abdil Aziz Marzouk
  • “2000 Years of Silk Weaving”
    Peter Ruthven

Volume 9 (1942)

Online Access

  • Die Islamische Kunst als Problem
    Josef Strzygowski
  • Damascus: Studies in Architecture – I
    Ernst Herzfeld
  • Material for a History of Islamic Textiles up to the Mongol Conquest
    R.B. Serjeant
  • Ivory Powder Flasks from the Mughal Period
    Wolfgang Born
  • Painting in the Fatimid Period: A Reconstruction
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • The Writings of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
  • Excavations in Uzbekistan, 1937-1939
    Henry Field and Eugene Prostov
  • “Pagan and Christian Egypt.” An Exhibition.
    Donald N. Wilber
  • The Dating of Coptic Textiles in the Light of Excavations at Dura-Europos
    George H. Myers
  • Pre-Mameluke Tirāz in the Newberry Collection
    Nancy Pence Britton
  • Two Rock-Crystal Carvings of the Fatimid Period
    A.H. Christie
  • A Hitherto Unknown Damascene Artist
    L.A. Mayer

Volume 8 (1941)

Online Access

  • The Architecture of the Islamic Period: A Survey of Persian Art. Compte-rendu
    André Godard
  • A Review of “The Ceramic Arts: A History,” in A Survey of Persian Art
    Florence E. Day
  • A Review of “The Ceramic Art in Islamic Times: Dated Faience”
    Florence E. Day
  • A Review of “The Ceramic Art in Islamic Times: Techniques”
    Frederick R. Matson
  • A Review of “The Ceramic Art in Islamic Times: Contemporary Techniques”
    Frederick R. Matson/li>
  • Arabic Paleography
    Nabia Abbott
  • Epigraphy
    George C. Miles
  • Stoffe, in A Survey of Persian Art. Rezension
    Ernst Kühnel
  • “The Art of Carpet Making,” in A Survey of Persian Art. Rezension
    Kurt Erdmann
  • A Review of Sasanian and Islamic Metalwork in A Survey of Persian Art
    Maurice S. Dimand

Volume 7 (1940)

Online Access

  • Caravansérails du Moyen-Âge
    Jean Sauvaget
  • Timurid Carpets
    Amy Briggs
  • Kairener Teppiche
    Kurt Erdmann
  • The Writings of Ernst Herzfeld
    George C. Miles
  • Notes on A Persian Garden Carpet in the Jaipur Museum
    Maurice S. Simand
  • Notes on A Fourteenth-Century Mihrab from Isfahan
    Mary E. Crane
  • Notes on Some Objects of Semiprecious Stones from the Mughal Period
    Wolfgang Born
  • Notes on Three Monuments at Yazd-I Khwast
    Myron B. Smith
  • Notes on “Six Thousand Years of Persian Art,” The Exhibition of Iranian Art, New York, 1940
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • Book Review: Ulug Beg und seine Zeit, by Wilhelm Barthold; and Herāt unter Husein Baiqara, dem Timuriden, by Wilhem Barthold
    Donald N. Wilber
  • Book Review: Descriptive Catalog of the Garrett Collection of Persian, Turkish and Indic Manuscripts…, by M.E. Moghadam and Yahya Armajani; and Persian Painting from Miniatures of the XIII.-XVI. Centuries, by B. Gray
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • In Memoriam, George Eumorfopoulos
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • “Hellenistic” Miniatures in Early Islamic Manuscripts
    Hugo Buchthal
  • Fourteenth-Century Illustrations of the Kalilah and Dimnah
    Basil Gray
  • An Inscription of Bārbak Shah of Bengal
    Nabih A. Faris and George C. Miles
  • Supplementary Notes to K. Holter’s Check List of Islamic Illuminated Manuscripts Before A.D. 1350
    Hugo Buchthal, Otto Kurz, and Richard Ettinghausen
  • Notes on An Egypto-Arabic Cloisonné Enamel
    Marvin Chauncey Ross

Volume 6 (1939)

Online Access

  • Material for a Corpus of Early Iranian Islamic Architecture – III. Two Dated Seljuk Monuments at Sīn (Isfahan)
    Myron Bement Smith
    Epigraphical Notice, by G.C. Miles
  • The Development of Mosaic Faïence in Islamic Architecture in Iran
    Donald N. Wilber
  • Caravansérails syriens du moyen-âge
    Jean Sauvaget
  • Glazed Relief Ware of the Ninth Century A.D.
    Arthur Lane
  • Thèmes et motifs d’enluminure et de decoration armeniènnes et musulmanes
    Arménag Sakisian
  • Notes on A Turanic Monument of the Twelfth Century A.C.
    Ernst Cohn-Wiener
  • Notes on Arabic-Persian Koran of the Late Fifteenth or Early Sixteenth Century
    Nabia Abbott
  • Notes on Fatimid Carved-Wood Inscriptions in the Collection of the University of Michigan
    Harold W. Glidden
  • A Reconstruction of the Miniature Cycle in the Demotte Shah Namah
    Doris Brian
  • Ahmed Musa and Shams al-Dīn: A Review of Fourteenth Century Painting
    Eric Schroeder
  • Some Woolen Girths from Egypt
    Signhild Wiklund and Carl Johan Lamm
  • Epitaphs from an Isfahan Graveyard
    George C. Miles
  • Excavations at Khwarazm, 1937-1938
    Henry Field and Eugene Prostov
  • Notes on A Sasanian Stucco Plaque in the Worcester Art Museum
    Perry B. Cott
  • A Note on the Cemetery of the Abbasid Caliphs of Cairo and the Shrine of Saiyida Nafīsa
    Dorothea Russell
  • In Memoriam – Halil Edhem Eldem

Volume 5 (1938)

Online Access

  • An Aquamanile and Some Implications
    Eric Schroeder
  • The Wood Mimbar in the Masdjid-I Djāmi’, Nāīn
    Myron B. Smith, Epigraphical Notice by Paul Wittek
  • A Stylistic Analysis of Islamic Art
    Ernst Diez
  • Ein archaischer Minaret-Typ in Ӓgypten und Anatolien
    Joseph Schacht
  • Medieval Graves in Cyprus
    Joan du Plat Taylor
  • An Arabic-Persian Wooden Kur’anic Manuscript from the Royal Library of Shāh Husain Safawī I, 1105-35 H.
    Nabia Abbott
  • Notes on Sher Shah’s Mausoleum at Sasaram
    Hermann Goetz
  • Notes on La Question des faïences de la corne d’or
    Arménag Sakisian
  • Note on a Die Engraver of Isfahān
    George C. Miles
  • Notes épigraphiques sur quelques monuments persans
    Jean Sauvaget
  • The Pseudoplanetary Nodes of the Moon’s Orbit in Hindu and Islamic Iconographies
    Willy Hartner
  • The Interim Period in Persian Pottery: An Essay in Chronological Revision
    Gerald Reitlinger
  • Kairener Teppiche. Teil I: Europäische und islamische Quellen des 15.-18 Jahrhunderts
    Kurt Erdmann
  • La Tombe de l’Ortokide Balak
    Jean Sauvaget
  • The Expressionist Style in Early Iranian Art
    D. Talbot Rice
  • A Sasanian Monument in Merovingian France
    Richard Bernheimer
  • Archaeological Investigations in Central Asia, 1917-37
    Henry Field and Eugene Prostoc
  • Notes
    Burton Y. Berry: The Development of the Bracket Support in Turkish Domestic Architecture in Istanbul
  • D. Talbot Rice: The Paris Exhibition of Iranian Art, 1938
  • In Memoriam – Henri C. Gallois, 1885-1938
  • Supplement:I. Preliminary Materials for a Dictionary of Islamic Artists

Volume 4 (1937)

Online Access

  • Material for a Corpus of Early Iranian Islamic Architecture – II. Manār and Masdjid Barsīān (Isfahān)
    Myron B. Smith
  • Iran, Asiens Hellas
    Josef Strzygowski
  • Tissus brodes Mesopotamiens
    Gaston Wiet
  • Some Mamlūk Embroidieries
    Carl Johan Lamm
  • Das Datum des Tāk-I Bustān
    Kurt Erdmann
  • Les caravanserails syriens du Hadjdj de Constantinople
    Jean Sauvaget
  • Behzād. Le Gulistān Rothschild
    Eustache de Lorey
  • Les broderies turques d’Alger
    Georges Marçais
  • A Jaina Manuscript from Gujarat Illustrated in Early Western Indian and Persian Styles
    W. Norman Brown
  • Figürliche sasanidische Stuckdekorationen aus Ktesiphon
    J. Heinrich Schmidt
  • Simultaneity in Islamic Art
    Ernst Diez
  • Eine seltene Lüsterschale der Rayy-Keramik
    Friedrich Sarre
  • Certain Celadon Potsherds from Sāmarrā Traced to Their Source
    James Marshall Plumer
  • Damaskus-Teppiche. Probleme der Teppichforschung
    Siegfried Troll
  • What Was the Badī’ Script?
    Eric Schroeder

Volume 3 (1936)

Online Access

  • Contribution à l’Iconographie de la Turquie et de la Perse XV-XIX Siècle
    Arménag Sakisian
  • Note au Sujet d’un Cartable du Sultān Sīdī Muhammad Ben ‘Abd Allāh (1757-1790)
    Prosper Ricard
  • A Bronze Pen-Case
    Ernst Herzfeld
  • Evidence for the Identification of Kāshān Pottery
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • The Landscape Miniatures of an Anthology Manuscript of the year 1298 A.D.
    Mehmet Aga-Oglu
  • Die Piyale Pasha Moschee
    Günter Martiny
  • Deux Pièces de Céramique Égyptienne
    Gaston Wiet
  • Three Heraldic Bronzes from Palermo
    L.A. Mayer
  • A Note on Frontality in Near Eastern Art
    C. Hopkins
  • A Stylistic Analysis of Islamic Art
    Ernst Diez

Volume 2 (1935)

Online Access

  • Le Masdjid-I Djum’a d’Isfahān
    Albert Gabriel
  • Important Pieces of Persian Pottery in London Collections
    Richard Ettinghausen
  • More about Arabic Terms for “Rug”
    William H. Worrell
  • Quelques Monuments de Bois Sculpté au Turkestān Occidental
    Boris Deniké
  • Persische Seidenstoffe der Seldjūkenzeit
    J. Heinrich Schmidt
  • Influence of Islamic Art in Poland
    Tadeusz Mańkowski
  • Significant Mihrābs in the Haram at Mashhad
    Dwight M. Donaldson
  • Fragments of a Thirteenth Century Mihrāb at Nedjef
    Mehet Aga-Oglu
  • In Memoriam – Benjamin March
  • Material for a Corpus of Early Iranian Islamic Architecture – I. Masdjid-I Djum’a, Demāwend; Notice Epigraphique par Yedda Godard
    Myron B. Smith
  • The City of Shāpūr. Historical Note by Gerald Reitlinger
    D. Talbot Rice
  • Der Seelische Gehalt der Iranischen Kunst – Feuertempel und Avesta
    Josef Strzygowski
  • Islamic Potery from Kish
    Gerald Reitlinger
  • Francisque-Michel’s Contributions to the Terminology of Islamic Fabrics
    Adèle C. Weibel
  • The Mudejar Style in Mexican Architecture
    Diego Angulo
  • A Unique Seldjūk Bronze
    Howard C. Hollis
  • In Memoriam – Samuel Flury
    V.A. Kratchkowskaya

Volume 1 (1934)

Online Access

  • Die Islamische Kunst als Problem
    Josef Strzygowski
  • Die Bronzekanne des Kalifen Marwān II im Arabischen Museum in Kairo
    Friedrich Sarre
  • A Silver Inlaid Bronze Canteen with Christian Subjects in the Eumorfopoulos Collection
    Maurice S. Dimand
  • L’Héllenisme et l’Orient dans les Mosaïques de la Mosquée des Omaiyades
    Eustache de Lorey
  • The Genesis of Indo-Muslim Civilization – Some Archaeological Notes
    Hermann Goetz
  • The Oxford Excavations at Hīra
    D. Talbot Rice
  • Sur un Type de Reliure des Temps Almohades
    Prosper Ricard
  • La Reliure dans la Perse Occidentale, sous les Mongols, au XIV et au debut de XV Siècle
    Arménag Sakisian
  • Five Egyptian Tapestry-Weavings in Swedish Museums
    Carl Johan Lamm
  • Damaste der Mamlukenzeit
    Heinrich Schmidt
  • Some Recently Discovered Seldjūk Stucco
    Arthur Upham Pope
  • Un Bol en Faïence du XII Siècle
    Gaston Wiet
  • Ein Wiedergefundener Teppich
    Kurt Erdmann
  • A Djāmi’s Manuscript in the Lafayette College Library
    Nicolas N. Martinovitch

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