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Each fall the Freer and Sackler Galleries publish, with the University of Michigan, a journal of the latest research in art of the Middle East and Asia. Titled Ars Orientalis, the journal is a collection of scholarship that crosses academic disciplines and aims to connect researchers, institutions, and ideas using one central theme per volume.

Now Available: Volume 45

Ars Orientalis 45, “Transmission of Architectural Knowledge in Medieval South Asia,” brings together four groundbreaking essays by South Asian specialists, with responses from two distinguished scholars working in geographic areas adjacent to South Asia. Guest edited by contributors Nachiket Chanchani and Tamara I. Sears, the essays in this volume highlight a history of mobility, hybridity, and transmission in the realm of architecture that spans many centuries and traverses a wide terrain. The response essays expand these ideas well beyond the Indian subcontinent, opening a broader discussion about the transmission of architectural knowledge and how the subject is addressed in scholarship today. With this format, Volume 45 of Ars Orientalis creates a dynamic dialogue and invites readers to continue the conversation.

Volume 45 also marks the journal’s second entirely digital volume. It provides extras not available in the printed issue, including additional images, video content, and “Digital Initiatives,” a column that explores digital tools, research resources, publications, and learning opportunities in art history and related fields, with a special focus on topics relevant to Ars Orientalis readers. A complement to the printed volume, digital Ars Orientalis offers subscribers a new design and easily maneuverable features. It is available at arsorientalis.si.edu.

Ars Orientalis 45 Table of Contents

Ars Orientalis 45 Table of Contents

Nachiket Chanchani and Tamara I. Sears, Guest Editors

Pandukeshwar, Architectural Knowledge, and an Idea of India
Nachiket Chanchani

Following River Routes and Artistic Transmissions in Medieval Central India
Tamara I. Sears

The Tamil Gopura: From Temple Gateway to Global Icon
Crispin Branfoot

The International Jaina Style?
Māru-Gurjara Temples under the Solaṅkīs throughout India and in the Diaspora

Julia A. B. Hegewald

Transnational Asian Architectural History
Response: Nancy S. Steinhardt

Idea and Idiom: Knowledge as Praxis in South Asian and Islamic Architecture
Response: Finbarr B. Flood

On the Task of Identifying New Archives
Response: Nachiket Chanchani

On Geography, Topography, and Travel
Response: Tamara I. Sears

Digital Initiatives (online only feature)

Museums, Scholarship, and the Digital
Nancy Micklewright

Southeast Asian Art at LACMA: An Online Scholarly Catalogue
Brinda Kumar

Getty Foundation’s Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative of Chinese Painting & Calligraphy at the Seattle Art Museum
Kevin McLoughlin

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