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Facts About Hinduism
  • Hinduism is the world's third-largest religion, after Christianity and Islam.
  • Today there are about 650 million Hindus worldwide.
  • The majority of Hindus live in India, where the religion was born.
  • One in every seven people in the world is a Hindu living in India.
  • There are also significant Hindu populations in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, and smaller groups in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Fiji, Africa, Europe, Canada, and the United States.
  • About three-quarters of a million Hindus live and work in the United States.While Hindus in each region have altered their religion to suit the needs of the surrounding culture, all Hindus share a common set of traditions.
  • Hinduism was not founded by one individual. Rather, it is a fusion of many religious beliefs and philosophical schools. Accordingly, Hinduism is said to be a religion of a million and one gods.

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