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Scene from the classroom Volunteering for this project has not only given us experience in team work, but has also given us the chance to learn about what kind of lifestyles our parents and grandparents had. At first, we did not have any idea what the outcome of our project would be. All we knew was that it was going to be on funeral practices. We started out researching what generally were the practices for burial and the holidays.

We worked with Mrs. Peg Christoff, Ray Williams, and John Gordy to collect this research and separate it. In the end product, you don't see a lot of the research, but through the research, we gained a better understanding of what the interviewees were saying. To get ready for our interviews, we worked with Mia Vollkommer, a Sackler staff photographer. She showed us how to take pictures that would be unique for the exhibit. Also, we worked with Linda Fang, who taught us the art of storytelling. Then, we finally started interviewing people and looking at their pictures of the funerals they've attended.

We collected stories and rewrote them using the techniques that Mrs. Fang had taught us. After we finished everything, we gave the design team at the Sackler our ideas of where each piece should go. We also submitted our ideas for what should be on the web site.

For the exhibit, we have had a lot of input on what the designers are did with our interviews and pictures. The skills we have practiced in school have finally been used in a real life situation. Most important of all, we connected with our roots and origins. Even though we were not really in China or Taiwan, we talked to people who grew up there, which made us understand even more of what it is like.

— The Teen Research Team

The Teen Research Team would like to extend special thanks to the following people: Martin Chang, Le-San Chen, Mr. Chen, Mr. and Mrs. Chiu, Mr. Chou, Dr. Christoff, Linda Fang, Jane Fung, Teresa Kan, Piming Kuo, Tuyet Lieu, Jim Lin, Hong Sheh Lu, Lisa Mak, Wei-Kien Moh, Genzhi Shen, Yeong-Tsuey Uang, Wu Mei-fen, Mi-chu Wiens, Nora Yeh, Zhu Baotian,

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