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Riza Abbasi, one of the most accomplished Persian painters, is also considered the unrivaled master of the genre of the single-page composition. Active from the late 1580s until his death in 1635, he was the leading artist at the court of Shah Abbas (1589–1629), the powerful ruler of Iran, but also worked for patrons outside the court. Lady with a Fan, one of his early works, is imprinted with Shah Abbas's seal, indicating that it was once part of a royal album. Signed "Aqa [master] Riza," this fine painting bears many of the artist's trademarks, such as his use of sweeping, calligraphic lines and broad areas of brilliant color. The woman's delicate ringlets and diaphanous sleeves heighten her sense of elegance and refinement, another characteristic of Riza Abbasi's figural compositions.
 Lady with a Fan
Lady with a Fan
Signed by Riza Abbasi (act. 1580s-1635)
Iran, ca. 1590-92
Opaque watercolor and gold on paper
16.1 x 9.8 cm
Purchase F1932.9

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