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Like many of his contemporaries, Riza Abbasi worked on manuscript illustrations as well as individual drawings and paintings, which became the hallmark of his work and that of later Safavid painting in general. Particularly notable for their sensuous calligraphic lines and inventive use of vibrant colors, these compositions range from meticulously finished idealized images to more spontaneous, naturalistically conceived portraits. Riza's innovative, lyrical style of painting became a source of inspiration for subsequent generations of artists, many of whom forged his signature to increase the artistic and monetary value of their own work.
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Seated Dervish
Seated Dervish
Signed by Riza Abbasi (ca. 1565–1635)
Iran, probably Isfahan, dated 1626
Ink and color wash on paper
Lent by The Art and History Trust   LTS1995.2.79

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