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Tara the Savioress. Lent by The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Ganga and Vasudhara
Tara and Ambika
One of the most popular goddess among Buddhists is Tara who is adored for protection from evil and to overcome obstacles. Her name is derived from the verb tara, meaning "to cross," for she enables the devotee to cross the ocean of existence. Supplicants chiefly approach Tara for protection, but also make requests for material benefits.
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Ambika. Lent by Dr. Siddharth Bhansali.
Goddesses were first introduced into the Jain faith as attendant deities of the twenty-four liberators known as Jinas. Of these Ambika (Mother Dear), is associated with the mango tree and its fruit and is always portrayed with one or both of her sons. She is worshiped on behalf of mothers and infants.

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