Devi: The Great Goddess

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"Praised by Brahma, Madhava, Sharva, Indra
hailed by the three worlds
with laughing face
intoxicated by drinking wine and blood
she dances with delight
Once again she drinks wine--
Reveling in the musical sound of her vina
she sings joyously--
once again she drinks wine
I meditate upon Bhadrakali
with the seed mantra bhaim.

Dancing Bhadrakali Adored by the Gods.
Dancing Bhadrakali Adored by the Gods. Folio 45 from the Tantric Devi series. India, Punjab Hills, Basohli, ca. 1660-70. Opaque watercolor, gold, silver, and beetle-wing cases on paper (border restored). Lent by a private collection on loan to Museum Rietberg, Zurich.

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