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Jar Jar Jar Jar Jar Jar


Unglazed stoneware
H x W x D: 71.1 x 62.2 x 62.2 cm (28 x 24 1/2 x 24 1/2 in)
Ban Bang Pun ware
Ceramic, Vessel
Ban Bang Pun kilns, Suphanburi province, Thailand
Suphanburi ware, Thailand, Ayutthaya period (1351 - 1767), stoneware, Southeast Asian Art
Credit Line:
Gift of Mrs. Maureen R. Jacoby in memory of Rolf Jacoby
14th-16th century
Ayutthaya period
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Data Source:
Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
From the early 1960s Unidentified American couple, Burma and Thailand, purchased from a reputable dealer in Bangkok in the early 1960s [1] To ca. 1991 or earlier Heirs of the unidentified American couple, to ca. 1991 or earlier [2] From at least 1991 Kitty Higgins, Far Eastern Art, Inc., Trocadero, Washington, D.C., purchased from the heirs of the unidentified American couple, prior to or ca. 1991 [3] 1992 Mrs. Maureen R. Jacoby (died 2002), Washington, D.C., acquired by exchange from Trocadero in 1992 [4] From 1992 Freer Gallery of Art, given by Mrs. Maureen R. Jacoby in 1992 Notes: [1] According to letter from Kitty Higgins, Trocadero, May 1, 1992, in the object file: "The jar was purchased in Bangkok in the early 1960s by an American couple who lived in Burma and Thailand in the 1950s through part of the 1960s. The jar was purchased from one of the reputable dealers in Bangkok." [2] According to telephone conversation between Kitty Higgins and Louise Cort, circa spring 1992, the object went into storage after the American couple's deaths (see also, Louise Cort's undated memo in the object file). [3] In 1991 the object was viewed at Trocadero by Louise Cort (see Louise Cort's undated memo in the object file). [4] In 1991 Louise Cort had identified the object as of interest for the Freer collection (see Louise Cort's undated memo in the object file). Mrs. Maureen Jacoby acquired the object in exchange for partial proceeds from the sale of certain ceramics from the collection of her late husband (Mr. Rolf R. Jacoby, died 1989), which, at the request of the Freer Gallery, were placed at Trocadero for sale (according to a memo from Louise Cort to Milo Beach and Beth Duley, dated May 22, 1992, in the object file).
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