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Shri Raga from the Chawand Ragamala
Dated 1605

Nasiruddin , (Indian,
Sisodia dynasty
Reign of Maharana Amar Singh

Opaque watercolor on paper
H: 15.4 W: 15.6 cm
Chawand, Mewar, India

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One of the six chief musical modes, Shri Raga (shri means "honored" and raga is a musical mode) is personified in this painting as a prince seated on his throne listening to two musicians. Each raga is associated with a particular season, time of day, and emotion: here, it is winter in the late afternoon, and the emotion evoked is love.

This Ragamala set is among the earliest inscribed and dated Rajput works. It was painted at Chawand in Mewar. This small town lies south of Chittor Fort, which had been seized by imperial Mughal troops in 1568.

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