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mid 13th century

Unidentified, Korean
Goryeo period

Stoneware with copper-red pigment and white slip under celadon glaze
H: 30.5 W: 16.7 cm
Gangjin or Buan, Korea

Gift of Charles Lang Freer F1915.50a-b

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Deep red copper pigment outlines the petals of the two lotus buds that compose the body of this ewer and accents the leaf-shaped spout and other sculptural details such as the kneeling children on the neck. An identical ewer, registered as a National Treasure in Korea, was found in the tomb of a military ruler, Choe Hang, who died in 1257, on Kanghwa Island, where between 1232 and 1270 the Goryeo court took refuge from repeated Mongol invasions.