The Performative Agency of Buddhist Art and Architecture in Asia

Volume 46: The Performative Agency of Buddhist Art and Architecture in Asia

The forty-sixth volume of Ars Orientalis expands on the concept of performance in analyzing Buddhist art and architecture, as explored at the 2014 Association of Asian Studies Annual Conference. Seven scholarly essays focus on the reciprocal engagement between human actors and the artworks and sites through which devotees seek to experience the divine.

Guest-edited by contributors Michelle C. Wang and Wei-cheng Lin, Ars Orientalis 46 spans geographically from Thailand to Japan and chronologically from the seventh to the twenty-first century. The essays also are diverse in subject matter, ranging from small-scale objects such as funerary banners, reliquaries, and monastic calligraphies to buildings and sites such as pagodas and sacred mountains.

As with the previous two volumes, Ars Orientalis 46 features web-based supplements to the printed volume. These include Digital Initiatives, a column that explores digital tools, resources, publications, and learning opportunities in art history and related fields, with a special focus on topics relevant to Ars Orientalis readers.


Nancy Micklewright

Nachiket Chanchani
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Marian Feldman
Jennifer Robertson
Jan Stuart
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Jane Lusaka
Joelle Seligson

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Zeynep Simavi

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Beginning with volume 42 (2012), Ars Orientalis is indexed and abstracted in the Art and Humanities Citation Index®.


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